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i Leading articles

Jimflation Australia’s shame iv Brown study

Look out, China Neil Brown v Time to call out the

Panda-huggers Albanese’s appeasement Kevin Andrews vi Explaining vaccine hesitancy

Mandates were deeply unethical Ramesh Thakur vii Miserable death of multiculturalism Social cohesion frays Judith Sloan viii Terrible ideas that use won’t die

We do not need a bill of rights James Allan ix Israel at Eurovision

Triumph and tears Rebecca Weisser x How the West lost the global war on terror Plan for a worldwide caliphate Jason Thomas xi Wong & Albo are a disgrace

Australia has betrayed Israel Peter O’Brien xii Progressivism - what would

Aristotle say? Elites totalitarian control David Pearl

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Peak performance, p31


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Tories vs defectors

Gyles Brandreth 6 Politics Beware the migrant pitfall

James Heale 7 The Spectator’s Notes

What makes MPs special Charles Moore 11 Douglas Murray

Why is it so hard to be a Christian in public life? 12 Barometer Coroner deaths,

royal visits and faith in politics 15 Mary Wakefield

No sex please, we’re aces 17 Ancient and modern

Bright young things 19 Cindy Yu Is the tiger mother an endangered species? 21 Any other business

This ‘gangbusters’ recovery is lucky for unloved Labour Martin Vander Weyer Rod Liddle is away.

Cat burglar, p48

8 Veep show

Who will Trump pick for his running mate? Freddy Gray 9 Maren Meinhardt

‘Dark Green House’: a poem 10 Slippery slope

Tipping culture is out of control Sean Thomas 12 Fighting talk

The Sandhurst alumnus who believes he can topple the Taliban Max Jeffery 14 The other cheek

The power of restorative justice David Shipley 16 Gangs of Tehran

How Iran is using local criminals to go after dissidents abroad Rohit Kachroo 18 Miracle workers

The Church must do more to encourage volunteers Patrick Kidd 20 ‘My faith is the centre point of who I am’ An interview with Labour’s Shabana Mahmood Katy Balls

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