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CONTENTSJune 2024 • Volume 96 • Issue 6


32FIGHTINGFOR THE FOREST Graeme Greene interviews Indigenous Amazon activist Nemonte Nenquimo

40 68

SUMMIT FEVER Are mountains to be conquered or simply enjoyed, asks author Dawn Hollis

ISLE OF WIGHT Mark Rowe’s travel guide to the once traditional bucket-and-spade resort that’s rapidly becoming much more about boots and bikes


ANOTHER WORLD Paul Jepson on how Antarctica could become the template for how we treat the natural world


VARANASI The dark side to India’s City of Light. Stuart Butler reports on the citiy’s problems with human trafficking

DEPARTMENTSWORLDWATCH 6 Bacterial resistance 8 Data centres 10 Research round-up 12 Phenomena: Blood Falls 14 Geo-graphic: Olympics

WORLDVIEW 16 Is climate change our moonshot? 19 Geopolitics: Tim Marshall on world poverty 20 Climatewatch: Learning from a dystopian novel

REGULARS 54 Gallery: Christopher Payne 60 Book reviews 65 Equipment matters 75 Discovering Britain 76 In Society. RGS-IBG events 79 RGS-IBG Archive 80 Where in the world? 81 Crossword 82 Passport: Ryan Ahlgren

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