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i Leading article

Acronym organisations iv Modern slavery

China shows the way Maurice Newman v Camelot was Israel’s biggest fan

Left have abandoned heroes of the past Kevin Andrews vi Cancel culture now Labor policy eSafety Commissioner and Musk John Storey vii Abracadabra!

Dr Jim 2.0 and his magic lamp Judith Sloan viii Trump’s travails

Just one unbiased juror? James Allan ix Sergeant Albo Schultz

Know nothing, see nothing Rebecca Weisser x India’s economic promise

Look out, China Michael Collins xi What future multiculturalism?

Debate, not death threats Peter Kurti xii Welcome to Knifesbridge

London’s stabbing frenzy Noel Yaxley

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Truss issues, p22


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Who has the worst voice in parliament? Quentin Letts 9 Rod Liddle Bring back the

Double Mushroom Swiss 13 Douglas Murray The message

Columbia’s students need to hear 14 Barometer Helicopter safety,

tourism woes and the ICC 15 Lionel Shriver The demographics that may shape Europe 16 Ancient and modern

Virgin territory 19 Matthew Parris Are ultra-

processed foods really so bad? 20 Letters Dead cats, exorbitant tipping and C of E shortcomings 21 Any other business The burden of wealth and the power of greed Martin Vander Weyer

Swede dreams, p26

6 Electric shock

The great EV bust Ross Clark 7 Rebecca Watts

‘At Home with Emily Brontë’: a poem 8 Art and war

Why Russia’s advance won’t drive out Kharkiv’s defiant residents Maria Avdeeva 10 Crude reality

The shadow fleet helping Russia to evade oil sanctions Owen Matthews 12 Philosopher’s notebook

I fear for Mikheil Saakashvili, imprisoned in Georgia Bernard-Henri Lévy 14 No help

Why is the government making it harder to get an au pair? Philip Womack 16 The boomerang gang

Migrants to South Africa get deported but inevitably return Geoff Hill 18 Bow out

How to quit like the Japanese Philip Patrick

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