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Contents 34Pushing back the desert

50Pesticide Nun

48Okay now let’s have some fun...

APRIL 2006 | ISSUE 3 | VOLUME 36

FEATURES 22 SUCK ON THIS... Cover story: Breastmilk is a miracle substance,

and nearly all women can breastfeed

successfully - yet shockingly few do. So what’s

stopping them? Pat Thomas uncovers a story

of medical arrogance; ignorant midwives;

weak government and an infant formula

industry that makes $450 for every baby not

breastfed for the fi rst six months of its life.

34 PHOTO STORY: Pushing back the desert Cover story: When the women of Dano in

Burkina Faso noticed the land around them

degenerating, they started planting trees.

‘When you grow a tree before dying,’

say the women, ‘you have not lived for


42 Listen to the raindrops Cover story: Can you hear yourself above the

din? Or has your voice been drowned out by

the cacophony of a society straining at the

seams. Nick Kettles explores the world of

acoustic ecology.

48 Okay, now let’s have some fun... Kurt Vonnegut thinks he knows exactly what

all of us, men and women, want... a whole

lot of people to talk to. What about? About


50 Pesticide nun Cover story: Jonathan Leake meets Georgina

Downs, the one-woman whirlwind who’s

holding the pesticide industry and politicians

to account.

COMMENTS 16 EXPOSED: The secret corporate funding behind health research Academics and the media have failed dismally

to ask the crucial question of scientists’

claims: Who is paying you? By George


21 Free speech? I don’t think so The Orwellian overtones of the Local

Government Act of 2000 are causing Robin

Page acute discomfort as he prepares to be


REGULARS 8 Upfront Resource wars looming; Sweden’s 2020 oil

free vision; power to the people; Himalayan

gods say no to Ford; the organ grinders

monkeys... 40 Behind the label: Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Gloss Bronzer Cover story: If you’re one of the millions of

people using fake-tan to look attractive and

healthy, be wary: they are full of chemicals

that can damage your skin. 58 Reviews This month’s ‘must read’ new releases - from

the world of economic hit men to

trees that warn each other when giraffes and

elephants are nearby. 59 Ecologist book club April’s book club book is ‘The man who

planted trees’ by Jean Giono. 98 One from the editorial archives... A journey back through 35 years of Ecologist

editorials, this month ‘The Suntan

diversion, written by Edward Goldsmith, in

June 1974.

37PAGE GREEN GUIDE 64 Food Hero: Guy Watson and Riverford organic box scheme 67 Allotment (Month 3): Seeds of hope... 68 Chic green bags – take someone’s breath away at your local farmers’ market 72 READ THE LABEL: Moisturisers 74 Electrical incontinence... Dave Hampton takes Matilda Lee on a hunt for lost watts 76 Château Richard Monty Waldin discovers the importance of giving grapes plenty of air 77 Ecologist Organic & Biodynamic wine club Inspired by the growers? Join now to drink their wine...

79 GREEN SHOPPING GUIDE... making every £1 count. 82 Food & Drink 86 Home & Garden 90 Clothing 92 Bodycare & Cosmetics 94 Baby & Child 96 Holidays, Property, Personals & Volunteering 97 Careers & Courses


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