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INDULGE textiles to buy, collect or simply admire.

13 Soft touch Woolies that make the end of summer almost bearable. 15 Transatlantic taste Kaffe Fassett and Dr Sue Marks compare British and American quilts 78 Object catalogue Selvedge brings you a selection of the finest material things.

3 inform

INDUSTRY from craft to commerce.

33 Made to last Handmade and bespoke shoes with heart and sole. 46 Boiling point The bright young designers making felt and woollens hot. 53 Heavyweight Concrete Wardrobe is firmly committed to craftsmanship. 58 In the loop At the centre of the ongoing knit renaissance.

ANECDOTE textiles that touch our lives.

26 Out of t he Dark Erika Turunen is bringing costume design into the light. 30 Making a poi nte The process of making a ballerina’s shoes is heavy work. 77 Quintessence A glimpse of the things that inspire Sally Baring, founder of Borderline. 96 Final Curtain Artists have always been drawn to the theatre.

CONCEPT textiles in fine art.

66 Brief interruption Conceptually Matthew Harris knows no bounds.

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends.

34 Dressing the part Hollywood’s costume departments were a law unto themselves. 40 Old Town A post war aesthetic but unrationed style. 54 She sells... Saltwater translates seaside colours from Cornwall to London.

COHABIT stunning interiors beautifully photographed.

51 Just the two of us The combined talent of Both.

70 Not so niche Sam Kasten is discovering the broad appeal of simplicity.

GLOBAL travel destinations and ethnographic textiles.

16 Spinning a Yarn Costume and character in international cinema. 60 Child of the sun Rich Peru and the history of her textiles.

INFORM the latest news, reviews and exhibition listings.

04 bias / contributors 07 news Trends and essential ideas New Collections 82 read Encountering Eva Hesse Hin: Japanese Bamboo Art Nancy Crow Reading List 84 international listings Exhibitions, fairs and events 88 view Catherine Bertola: Prickings Sixties Fashion Grayson Perry Sheila Hicks Art of the Stitch Sensual Austerity 95 coming next The Imperial issue: Regal and magnificent – have a truly splendid Christmas. 93 stockists 80 subscription offers A handy Lisa Stickley pencil case for all new subscribers and renewals!

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