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red pepper issue 145 september 2006

Cover by Tom Lynton



God’s own party

There is much misleading media coverage of Hizbullah, the Lebanese Shia movement whose militia is fighting the Israeli army in south Lebanon. Lara Deeb provides a historical analysis of a complex movement



04 06

Letters Agony Subcommandauntie

Activision Around the left in 30 days: UK Keynote: It’s our foreign policy, stupid Know your enemy: Francis Maude Guerrilla guides: Green DIY Asylum Watch: Irregular and unfair Red Hot: Green public transport Temperature Gauge: Carbon credits and the green desert

The race for Nanoland

Is ‘grey goo’ about to eat the planet? Probably not, but there are real dangers with the development of nanotechnology that are not being addressed, writes Toby Shelley


Around the left in 30 days: World Israel Diary: Living among the murderers Israel: The world is with them What price parliament and democracy? Arms trade: Stop arming Israel




A feisty green prophet

Murray Bookchin view 39 RearPatisson: Pete Slaves in India

It’s good not to talk

collapse the round of negotiations at 28 The countries,ofsays latest is the best outcome for the World Trade Organisation developing

Walden Bello

Workers without frontiers


Marge Piercy’s

From day labourers standing on street 30shifted to lower-wage whose jobs have Piercing insights decadescareer corners to workers 32 spans several writing and a been economies, the genres, and breaks many rules. With US Jobs with Justice movement is using creative campaigning methods to build solidarity across communities – and across borders. Nancy Haque reports new novel about 19th-century US feminism recently published in Britain, and a new volume of poetry out this autumn, Sarah Irving talks to her about identity, politics and writing.

Book reviews Arts reviews

A feisty green prophet

Derek Wall

died July, fought every day 38 Murray Bookchin, whosociallyinjust and liberated world.of his 34 adult life for a green, profiles a feisty green prophet

EVENT NEWS A Practical Approach to Community Development Annual Day Conference

Monday 25 September 2006 10am – 4pm at The Broadwalk Centre, 51 Belvedere Road, Salford M6 5EJ Hilary Wainwright will be talking about the changing faces of communities and signing copies of her book ‘Reclaim the State’ More information tel: 01282 692323

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Is Labour after Blair beyond repair? David Osler: Castro’s Cuba and after Scottish Socialist Party: heading for divorce? The Christian Right goes global

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Arthur Neslen’s Tel Aviv Diary Christian Henderson’s Beirut Diary Mexico’s human rights deficit

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