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16> Jim’s Small-Water Secrets You would think that there couldn’t be anything new in fly tying. Well, adding to an ever-expanding portfolio of Fritz materials comes an invention from Ayr in Scotland. Jim Crawford takes a range of flies tied with the material to Tyne and Wear’s Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery where it seems the clear-water trout just can’t resist a little bit of straggly ultraviolet.

54> Mad About Minnows Stocks Reservoir is northern England’s best-loved large stillwater. However, while grown-on Rutland and Grafham trout turn their attentions to shoals of coarse-fish fry in October, what can the angler do at Stocks where there are no coarse fish? Follow the packs of minnows instead, says Howard Croston, who shows just how to tackle the resident rainbows.

<24 Troubleshooter The big boss, Charles Jardine, takes Welsh reservoir angler Mick Jones to an alien environment – the concrete bowl at Farmoor. Charles explains that seemingly featureless waters such as this hold much more than meets the eye. However, when faced with the hottest day of the year, it’s the thinking angler that will win out. It’s all about depth details, you know!

<75 Tyer’s Guide This month’s fly-tying section is packed full of hints, tips and tricks to help you tie better flies more easily. Check out the new breed of fry pattern that’s certain to score with autumn rainbows, the salmon fly that avoids those autumn leaves and the tips to make life simple at the vice. Why not enter our great Tying Challenge, too, for the chance to win some great cash prizes?