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INDULGEtextiles to buy, collect or simply admire. 15Christmas cheer Suggestions for your true love.

79 Selvedge Object The thought counts even more with gifts like this...

INDUSTRYfrom craft to commerce. 32 Brick by Brick The company Riccardo Mantero built. 34 Life partners Deborah Milner’s ecouture and Aveda’s eco-nomics.

40 Overnight sensation Karen Nicol’s bespoke embroidery. 56 Finnish product The strangely attractive designs of Klaus Haapaniemi. 70Superstructure Talented weavers that travel beneath the surface.

ANECDOTEtextiles that touch our lives. 12 Goodwill to all comrades Politically correct winter celebrations in Russia. 49And so to bed A duvet was not good enough for a 16th century duchess.

CONCEPTtextiles in fine art. 26 Network In Echo, Susie MacMurry has found a clear line.

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends. 38 Shaken and stirred The mixed fortunes of the cocktail frock.

46 Hyper decorated An extract from a new book, Embroidery: Italian Fashion. 68 Prada: perfect intellect The brains behind the beauty.

COHABIT stunning interiors beautifully photographed. 62 The allure of Italian silksThe renaissance cult of the magnificent.

77 Thrill of the chaseThe West Dean Tapestry Studio’s epic project.

GLOBALtravel destinations and ethnographic textiles. 16 The Six SwansA traditional fairy tale told in a distinctly Selvedge style. 52 Culture is served Russian ikat patterned plates.

58 Under wraps Russia was smothered in sumptuous layers for centuries.



INFORMthe latest news, reviews and exhibition listings.

04bias / contributors 07 news Trends and essential ideas 84read The Modernist Textiles Soviet Textiles Clothing Culture Reading List 86international listings Exhibitions, fairs and events

88view Love & War Gossamer Wings Relationships On the Edge – Fray Pockets of History New Embroidery 93coming next The Wellbeing issue: Textiles for your mind, body and soul

95stockists 80subscription offers A pretty Hannah’s House embroidered wooden tree decoration for every new subscriber and renewal! A subscription to Selvedge makes the perfect holiday gift. Keep your friends and family in the loop...

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