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the Friend


3 News Responsibility to protect: Europe’s role Quakers from southern England at Faslane 4 Quaker town ‘with no crime’ urged to keep guns Stern report: what can Friends do? 5 Phoenix rising – Jordans Meeting House

6 Meat, vegetables or…? Robert Campbell looks at vegetarianism

7 Comment Susan Hartshorne & Kurt Strauss

8 Letters

9 Relationship between BYM and Scottish Friends Phil Lucas reports on General Meeting for Scotland Is this restorative justice? Jill Green on an anti-slavery art project

10-11 A lasting impact Christy Bischoff on the impact of Quaker Cottage

12 q-eye: observations from the Quaker world

13 George Fox in Barbados Clare Marie White reviews the new book

14-15 James Nayler and the unity of covenant Quakerism Ben Pink Dandelion remembers Nayler’s effect

16 Report

17 Friends & Meetings

Useful phone numbers to

cut out and keep! The Friend gets many requests for these numbers. The switchboard can put you through to anyone in Friends House.

Friends House switchboard: 020 7663 1000

The Quaker bookshop: 020 7663 1030

Friends House library: 020 7663 1135

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3 November 2006

Cover: Mother and child at Quaker Cottage, Belfast Photo: Christy Bischoff See page 10-11

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the Friend , 3 November 2006

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