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The Main Stories

80 Lust for life: Zooey Deschanel What is it about Zooey Deschanel that is so exciting? Quirky style icon, indie film queen and cabaret chanteuse, she fills us in on the musicals that inspired her as a child, and how to keep your integrity in a messed up world.

90 Into the void: The art of Terence Koh Cocks, crucifixes and cum – take a trip into American artist Terence Koh’s incredible monochrome world: human frailty, transformation, decay, and innovative uses of statues of The Virgin Mary and Hershey’s chocolate.

98 Sympathy for the pimp The ghetto pimp has long been ingrained in our collective consciousness, but how did he go mainstream and can corporations really take it any further?

102 Picture this: Debbie Harry meets Karen O Dazed brought these two iconic frontwomen together to chat about everything from growing pains in suburban New Jersey to helping fight HIV and AIDS, rapping with boobs and having the body of a woman but the brain of a man.

The Fashion

108 Reconciliation Photography IRINA IONESCO Styling BRYAN MCMAHON

116 Kiss Kiss Photography KT AULETA Styling JOANNA SCHLENZKA

120 Full of Grace Photography ALI MAHDAVI Styling CATHERINE BABA

128 Over to You Photography ANDRÉ WOLFF Styling DAMIEN BLOTTIÈRE

138 Fashion Foreword: Diesel Photography KT AULETA Styling JOANNA SCHLENZKA