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110 Booty Cool: Justin Timberlake After a few years away from the studio, 25-year-old pop demigod Justin Timberlake talks exclusively about why music needs a good kick to the balls, and how he and Timbaland plan on putting sexy back at top of the charts.

120 Graphic Violence: Suehiro Maruo

The macabre sex cartoons of Suehiro Maruo have helped make Ero Manga one of Japan’s biggest art forms. In this rare interview, he talks about his life, and how his controversial work has managed to break into mainstream culture.

126 I Predict a Riot: Toxteth 25 years after violence erupted in Liverpool, novelist Kevin Sampson looks back to the streets where he grew up, to discover the city’s youth still glowering over a pattern of boredom and resentment that can only ever lead to one thing.

130 Group Therapy: The Rapture Since redefining alternative rock with Echoes, The Rapture have had to confront a lot of demons. As they complete their epic new album, the quartet explain where they’ve been and why they decided to work without the DFA this time around.


The Fashion

136 Season of Glass Photography CAMILLE VIVIER Styling MARIE ChAIx

146 The Wind Singer Photography BEnJAMIn ALExAnDER huSEBy Styling ALISTER MACKIE

156 The sun goes down and the world goes dancing Photography SøLVE SunDSBø Styling nICoLA FoRMIChETTI

166 September Girls Photography RoGER DECKKER Styling SARAh CoBB

176 Winter Light Photography RAnKIn Styling SARAh RIChARDSon

186 Emporio Armani Photography MIGuEL REVERIEGo Styling SARAh CoBB