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54 Access All Areas: Lily Allen & Jack Peñate

This season’s sweetest pop sensation, 21-year-old Lily Allen, and the king of Myspace, Jack Peñate, get together in the summer sun to discuss blogging, lessons in gigging and how to save the world from climate change.

The Fashion

Photography Liz CoLLinS Styling CATHY EDwArDS

76 Call of Youth

58 The Horror: Chris Cunningham & The Horrors

The veteran video director shows Dazed what happened when he lured Southend organ grinders The Horrors and Samantha Morton to an Ealing aircraft hangar.

Photography rogEr DECkkEr Styling MATTiAS kArLSSon

82 The White Shadow

60 Suburban Takeover: Dubstep

You grinded to dancehall, had it to techno, got embarrassed by grindie, but here, creeping out from the grit of Croydon is the one scene you may just have missed out on. Here comes the hotstepper... Dubstep is about to blow.

88 The Pleasure Garden

Photography SErgE LEbLon Styling JoAnnA SCHLEnzkA

66 Words Apart: Taryn Simon

Drawing on secret histories and untold stories, at first glance, this young American photographer’s images seem almost meaningless. Here, in an exclusive preview of her new work, Simon explains the narratives that set her pictues alight.

Photography wiLLiAM SELDEn Styling niCoLA ForMiCHETTi

96 Frenzy

70 Superman’s Krypto-Jew Secret: Cultural Heroes

Comic don John Dunning explores how years of displacement and aggression have spurred America’s Jews to create some of the world’s foremost cultural icons. You may have heard of one or two of them...

Photography ViViAnE SASSEn Styling kArEn LAngLEY

102 Saboteur

Photography kErrY HALLiHAn Styling ALASTAir MCkiMM

110 The Black Guard

Photography DAViD VASiLJEViC Styling brYAn MCMAHon

116 Rich and Strange

Photography MiguEL rEVEriEgo Styling SArAH Cobb

122 Shadow of a Doubt