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3 Action from the grassroots Laurie Michaelis

4-5 Sustainability in our Meetings

6 Contraction and convergence David Maxwell

7 Travel & transport Martin Quick

8-9 Letters

10-11 Reducing your household’s energy footprint Anne Brewer

12 q-eye The green cook

13 Review: An inconvenient truth Gwen Prince

14 Travel dilemmas Harriet Martin, Zee-Zee Heine, Martin Quick & Lizz Roe

15 Recovering heat Roger Sanderson

16 Preserving the natural environment Reg Snowdon

17 Friends & Meetings

Christmas issue anagrams £10 will be on its way to Jennifer Kavanagh who sent the first complete set of correct anagrams. Following a day later, Yvonne Dickson also had all correct. Honourable mentions go to Ruth Camm, Marjorie Ball, David Blamires and Elizabeth J Cook. Answers are available on request from The Friend as space is too tight to print them here.

Quakudo solution


the Friend , 5 January 2007

5 January 2007

Cover: The long road ahead. Photo: Sue RB/ stck.xchng. Other photos used in this issue and left: Grass meadow and fields from a plane by Sue RB; solar panels by Neville Micallef: An Inconvenient Truth publicity image; rail tracks by Martin Luckner; wildlife garden by Reg Snowden

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