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The Main Stories

72 New England’s Dreaming: Jamie T With just a bass guitar and a head full of trouble, the young troubadour from Wimbledon explains how he turned from a school musical failure into one of the most exciting British artists of 2007.

80 Young Blood: Gaspard Ulliel The young French star of Hannibal Rising talks about his transformation into cinema’s most famous serial killer and the real reason why he loved his role as the leader of a peasant revolution in period drama Jacquou le Croquant.

86 Absolutely Flawless? Blood Diamonds With the new Leonardo DiCaprio film looking at the dark heart of the $64 billion diamond trade, Tom Zoellner, author of The Heartless Stone asks what’s really dripping off the ice that’s hanging off of your wrist.

90 The City That Never Sleeps: Doug Aitken One man’s human zoo is another’s silver screen: Doug Aitken’s video art breaks out of the galleries and onto the streets of New York, with Tilda Swinton, Cat Power, Seu Jorge and more joining the parade.

94 Heart & Sole: Good Shoes “If we die on the M1 tonight, it won’t all have been in vain.” We jump on the bumpy road to indie rock success with London upstarts Good Shoes as they prepare to unleash their debut album Think Before You Speak onto the world.

The Fashion

100 In A Different Light Photography KT AULETA Styling CATHY EDWARDS

110 Dead Can Dance Photography DANIEL SANNWALD Styling NICOLA FORMICHETTI

118 Bright Idea Photography SANDRA FREIJ Styling SARAH COBB

126 Everything Is Going To Be Just The Way It’s Got To Be Photography VIVIANE SASSEN Styling BRYAN MCMAHON

134 Black Leather Monster You’re A Pleasure Machine Photography ROGER DECKKER Styling JOANNA SCHLENZKA

142 Slow Dance On The Inside Photography XEVI MUNTANE Styling KAREN LANGLEY

148 Fade Out Photography BEN HASSETT Styling BETH FENTON