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The Main Stories

114 Boy Most Likely To: Sander Lak The 23-year-old fast-rising designer talks about his flair for drawing and why his childhood spent travelling the world informs his fashion direction.

121 You Will Be Watching: Directors Portfolio In this exclusive series of interviews, film directors Takeshi Kitano, Shane Meadows, Christopher Guest, Sarah Polley and Darren Aronofsky discuss the themes behind their latest films and what keeps them creatively inspired.

132 Light Out of Darkness: Raf Simons The prolific Belgian designer Raf Simons recounts the formative experiences and influences that led to his latest minimalistic and bold collection for Jil Sander.

146 Stuck In The Middle: James Murphy DFA Records boss and LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy invites Dazed into his NYC apartment to discuss the making of his new album Sound of Silver, and why he couldn’t care less what people think of his mood swings.

152 Modern Life: How To Love Your Work So, bankers still dream of being photographers and creatives still scrabble around for pennies, but Kevin Braddock looks at modern life and finds that the gap between work and play is disappearing fast.

156 Thirty-Six Go Mad in Kent: The Mentalist Association Looking like a motley crew of panto rejects, the various personalities that make up the sprawling musical/art/film/comic collective The Mentalist Association invite us to a garden in New Cross to divulge their plans for world domination.


The Fashion

162 Science vs Nature Photography HORST DIEKGERDES Styling CATHY EDWARDS

166 Soft Talk on a Hard Subject Photography MARK PILLAI Styling MARIE CHAIX

176 Alone with Everybody Photography PHILLIPE and CESARIE YARD Styling BETH FENTON

188 Lucky I Ran Into You Photography ANDREAS LARSSON Styling SARAH COBB

198 Fashion Foward: Dior Homme Photography MARIANO VIVANCO Styling NICOLA FORMICHETTI