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016 > EDITORIAL 022 > GALLERY: MOMENTS IN LIQUID 036 > MOST WANTED More kite and caboodle you need this year 040 > SPY NETWORK Will James wrestles a big fish, Cindy Mosey hi-jacks two photographers and 25 women and bundles them all off to Fiji and we write a letter to the Prime Minister 054 > READERS’ GALLERY More of your work 058 > CHERYL MEETS... a fork in the road Cheryl and Perry take in the Mambo contest as they continue their nostalgic voyage up Australia's east coast in search of the dream spot to set-up their kite school 062 > MARK MY WORDS Mark Shinn clears up the confusion over the kit you need for riding in waves 064 > INTRODUCING Davey Blair When he's not exposing himself to tourists, this 22 year-old makes uncanny dog barking noises and chases down the big waves on the north shore, sometimes all at the same time 094 > ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA? This issue Gabe gets us out of a few sticky situations in the snow 096 > TURBULENT TRIALS Roll on. The chaps in north Wales unleash their kites on the promenade and test a few longboard skateboards suitable for kiting 112 > MOTOR DRIVE The fine arts of the surface pass, backside 180s, flat 3s and the monstrous back loop kite loop are covered this issue 120 > REVIEWs The Kite Book falls inside the rating radar's scope this issue 124 > RIDER UNCOVERED Ruben Lenten declares his wares


069 > KITEWORLD MONSTER BUYER'S GUIDE We hopped on a flight to El Medano and crashed Mark Shinn's gaff and roped him into some testing for good measure 070 > PACE, POWER AND PRECISION Five super-charged C kites 074 > KARMA CHAMELEON Nine of the most versatile kites you can buy 082 > FLEX AND RELEASE Eleven twin-tips with a little something for everyone 100 > TURN AND FACE Neal Gent examines the intricacies involved in fanging around your bottom to top turn combos

Cover>Indy record. Russian Federation PKRA competitor Petr Tyushkevich holds it all in place for Christian Black to capture another cover shot in Mauritius Photo>Christian Black

Contents>Light fantastic. Remi Meum sets the thrusters to full power in Norway Photo>Christian Nerdrum

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