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Destination: Moscow With the rise of Moscow's own fashion scene it's possible London’s rich Russians will be head ing back to shop. After the label frenzy of the 1990’s when Russian fashionistas exhibited a slavish devotion to Western trends a more matu re attitude is developing. And with it the conf idence to embrace home grown talent such as Daria Razumikhina. Her Razu Mikhina ‘post-folk’ collections transform traditional Russian materials – lace, ribbons and braid s–a approach she describes as “ethno futurism”.

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Sydney A sun city, a fun city – endless blue sky and a fair few adherents to the cult of the body beautiful. All very nice but rarely do these qualities add up to a sophisticated fashion capital. There is, however, a little spice and zest to cut throug h the sweetness, designers of Asian origin in partic ular are proving adept at blending elements of their herita ge with a wholesome Aussie aesthetic. Born in Kyoto , Japan, Akira Isogawa mastered this art years ago and the next generation of Australian designers – such as top graduate Amy Yong – look set to continue the trend.


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manufacturing sup in the do so would be foolhardy creative potential but to rcial infrastructure to le comme extreme. With an enviab are making their ingboard a few designers use as a spr task even in modern an easy mark as individuals – not ething of an epiShanghai is proving som day China. it’s home to Wang e to find centre and it is no surpris China’s new wave of igner at the forefront of Wei, a des weiga fashion exports.

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