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THE WEEK Leading article 5

Diary Michael White 9

Politics Fraser Nelson 10

The Spectator’s Notes 11

Diary of a Notting Hill Nobody 12

The Blairs 15

Mind your language 16

Another voice MatthewParris


Letters 26

And another thing Paul Johnson 28

BUSINESS Banking on victory George Kerevan


Economics made easy Allister Heath 31

City life: Singapore Eric Ellis


No more Pax Americana David Selbourne George Bush will lose Iraq just as George III lost America 14

Our enemies are right to mock us Theodore Dalrymple Britain has changed dramatically — and for the worst 16

A world bursting at the seams Matthew d’Ancona An interview with this year’s Reith Lecturer, Jeffrey Sachs 18

Brown’s premiership will be short Irwin Stelzer There is fading support for the welfare state 22

The C of E must make up its mind Rod Liddle The Anglicans cannot avoid having to make irksome rules 24

BOOKS Robert Salisbury:Lloyd George and Churchill, by Richard Toye 36

Sebastian Smee:Tomorrow, by Graham Swift 37

Christopher Bland:The RSC Shakespeare, edited by Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen 38

Justin Cartwright:Dancing with Eva, by Alan Judd 39

Dorothy Pope:‘Family Home, Lincolnshire’, a poem 39

Ben Wilson:Food in Early Modern England, by Joan Thirsk 40

Simon Baker:Hospital, by Toby Litt 40

Allan Massie:Life and letters 41

‘I enjoy creative writing, so I thought — the navy!’

Cover by John Springs. Drawings by Michael Heath, Castro, Holland, Ray Lowry, Hunter, Ken Pyne, Mico, Nick Downes, Kipper Williams, Geoff Thompson, Adam Singleton, Grizelda, Holland, Nick Newman and Bernie.

Deborah Ross is away.

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ARTS Andrew Lambirth on Surrealism at the V&A 42

Olden but golden Charles Spencer


Opera:Satyagraha Michael Tanner


Theatre 1 : Tom Fool; Brecht Fest; Mojo Mickybo Lloyd Evans 46

Theatre 2 : The Merchant of Venice Patrick Carnegy 47

Cinema:The Lives of Others Harry Joll 48

Television Simon Hoggart

Radio Kate Chisholm



LIFE The turf Robin Oakley

High life Taki

Low life Jeremy Clarke

Letter from Arcadia Roy Hattersley

Bridge Susanna Gross






STYLE AND TRAVEL A driving force Charlotte Metcalf 54

Tomb Raider Lee Langley



Chess Raymond Keene


Competition; Crossword 56, 57

Sport Frank Keating


Your problems solved Mary Killen 63

THE SPECTATOR14 April 2007


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