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The Main Stories

74 Ahead of the pack: Emile Hirsch The 21-year-old skate kid we first met leading the pack in Lords of Dogtown, puts his danger days behind him. We catch up with Hirsch as he lifts weights in preparation for his starring role in Sean Penn’s adaptation of Into the Wild.

80 The Last Bohemian: Derek Jarman The cinematic maestro who put Dungeness on the map is remembered by Tilda Swinton, Seamus McGarvey, Cerith Wyn Evans, Neil Tennant and other influential creatives who worked with him during his influential career.

90 Ready to rumble: The Rumble Strips Charlie Waller and his band of Devonshire hornblowers prepare to bring their swinging sounds from the West Country to the world.

94 Teenage Kicks: 19th century Hooligans Kids hanging out causing trouble is nothing new. In this extract from his latest book, Jon Savage looks back to the Victorian era when the gangs ruled the streets, complete with their own equivalent of hoodies – peaked caps and bell bottoms.


The Fashion

98 Girl on Top Photography and Styling VENETIA SCOTT

110 Body Language Photography MARK PILLAI Styling KAREN LANGLEY

112 Climb On Photography JACOB SUTTON Styling CELESTINE COONEY

122 Kiss & Run Photography BRUNA KAZINOTI Styling KATIE SHILLINGFORD

132 Metal Sport Photography XEVI MUNTANE Styling JASON FARRER

142 Fashion Forward: Louis Vuitton Photography SOPHIA DELAPORTE Styling BRYAN MCMAHON