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The Main Stories

74 High Contrast: The White Stripes A lot has happened in the decade since Jack and Meg White emerged from Detroit with their unique brand of stripped-back blues rock. As the revitalised duo prepare to release their anticipated new album, Icky Thump , they invited Dazed down to Nashville to talk about role reversals, bust-ups and bagpipes.

84 Built to Shock: The Dawn of Darkitecture Nuclear-powered lidos in Hackney? Studio flats with organ farms? As an exhibition devotes itself to architectural plans designed to shock and provoke debate, Ian Aitch says it has important points to make about our city lives.

88 Distorted Logic: Justice They’ve embarrassed Kanye on MTV, had over two million plays on MySpace and been called “the new Daft Punk”, but French electronic duo Justice insist that they’re just two crucifix-loving disco geeks who got lucky.

94 Divine Inspiration: Thierry Mugler For over two decades, Thierry Mugler radically subverted the fashion world. In this exclusive feature, the “prophet of futurism” explains the inspiration behind his provocative couture, and why he still sees life as “an everyday show”.


The Fashion

102 Belle de Jour Photography ALI MAHDAVI Styling CATHERINE BABA

110 God Save The Queen Photography MATT IRWIN Styling KATIE SHILLINGFORD

122 Eastern Block Photography DAVID SLIJPER Styling BRYAN MCMAHON

132 Indian Summer Photography KT AULETA Styling JOANNA SCHLENZKA

138 Italians Do It Better Photography ATLANTA RASCHER Styling KATIE SHILLINGFORD

142 Fashion Forward: Chloé é Photography MARI SARAI Styling KAREN LANGLEY