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© Nigel Crane

JUNE 2007 No.97


30 MARILYN MANSON Despite a lack of emissions on the musical front, Marilyn Manson has barely been out of the news, worldwide. Ignoring the idle gossip, RoCk SouND gets the low-down on what the God of Fuck calls a terrible year…

36 FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Forget about image, forget about idols, forget about what you think Funeral For A Friend should be. The Welsh quintet are doing as they please and if you don’t like it? Tough shit…

46 THE FALLOFTROY FALL OF TROY The Fall of Troy don’t do diplomacy, they don’t do as they’re told, and they sure as hell don’t do quiet. But they do a nice line in, er, pop-prog-hardcore. RoCk SouND meets the trio and wisely leaves the book of genres behind…

48 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE When RoCk SouND first spoke to Gerard Way a few years back, he couldn’t ponder life past 30, never mind fronting what has become one of the decade’s most successful bands. But has it come at a price?

56 EAST MEETS WEST The Music. Shampoo. InMe. Three uk acts that went ‘big’ in Japan. But is the land of the rising sun cruel enough to inflict such crimes on Blighty in retribution? Evidently, given the Japanese gems that have arrived at RSHQ of late, all is forgiven… []

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