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phi los o phers’ the


reporter 4news hound news, plus straw poll and mediawatch

11Baudrillard A tribute to the French master

14chimeraphobia the truth behind scary-sounding research

17word of mouse Luciano Floridi on trading in pixels

18the fi lm farm the magical movies of Dan Cotterill

thoughts 21no future Galen Strawson pens The TPM Essay

issue 38 • 2nd quarter 2007

forum special 39the making of minds revealing intellectual autobiography from 15 leading philosophers

40 Ronald Aronson 42 Simon Blackburn 44 Alain de Botton 45 David Cooper 46 Raimond Gaita 49 Eve Garrard 50 Simon Glendinning 53 AC Grayling 55 Stephen Law 57 Genevieve Lloyd 59 Michael Martin 60 Jeff Mason 63 David Papineau 65 Jonathan Rée 66 Nigel Warburton

the lowdown 78the directory listings for UK and North America

79conceptual carvery three degrees of possibility

80snapshot the lowdown on Leibniz

82pop culture Why Metallica now want justice for all, not just to kill ‘em all

review 86new books On Darwin, Nietzsche, democracy and the comedy of academic life

27sci-phi how emotional are ethical judgements?

29mommy wars working mothers and the good life

33provocations the morality of oversized big sticks

34making history coming to terms with our intellectual past

discussion 68my philosophy debut novelist Lucy Eyre

72head to head Steve Fuller and Alan Haworth debate academic freedom

last words 92Bertrand’s break crossword, cartoon, puzzle and nonsense

94letters strong views from our new blog

96the skeptic why it’s hard to test a psychic

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The Philosophers' Magazine /2nd quarter 2007

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