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It’s not quite our birthday yet, but we feel like starting the party anyway. This autumn, we will celebrate our tenth anniversary. Back in 1997 we were unusual in that we launched our website before the magazine. I remember Jeremy showing me our fi rst homepage, and how I marvelled as Raphael’s “School of Athens” slowly appeared on the monitor, line by line. Now I’d be drubbing my fi ngers tutting about how crappy the dial-up connection was. The pace of change in the worlds of the Internet and publishing stand in stark contrast to philosophy-time. I was recently reading an article by Alex Byrne in the Boston Review when I Boston Review when I Boston Review was struck by a comment about “Philippa Foot’s recent Natural Goodness”. Recent ? That book came Natural Goodness”. Recent ? That book came Natural Goodness”. Recent out in 2001, when iPods were barely a glint in Steve Jobs’ eye and Saddam Hussein was still happily oppressing the people of Iraq. I only found the piece because our deputy editor Ophelia posted it on TPM Online ’s news feed, which uses RSS, another recent innovation

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Editors Julian Baggini (print edition) Jeremy Stangroom (new media) Deputy editor Ophelia Benson Reviews Editor Jonathan Derbyshire

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Contributors Ronald Aronson, Simon Blackburn, Alain de Botton, Peter Cave, David Cooper, Anthony Cox, Robert A Delfi no, Luciano Floridi, Peter S Fosl, Steve Fuller, Raimond Gaita, Eve Garrard, Simon Glendinning, AC

which for many has become part and parcel of daily life. To this we have just added a blog – a little late in the day you might think, since the term “weblog”, of which blog is of course a contraction, was fi rst coined in December of our debut year. So you can see how in some ways we’re battling to keep time to two different clocks. We have to move on as a publication, because the world in which we have to survive doesn’t stand still. But the displine we cover moves much more slowly, and it would be crazy to pretend otherwise. The tension seems easily managed by many people of a philosophical bent. Sure, there are luddites among us, for whom mobile telephonic devices are far too new-fangled and the interwebthingy is just perplexing. But I know many philosophiles who love both the dynamism of modern life and the more sedate progress of philosophical thought. May we continue to offer you plenty of both.

Grayling, Douglas Groothuis, Wendy Grossman, Alan Haworth, Mathew Iredale, Jean Kazez, Douglas Kellner, Michael LaBossiere, Stephen Law, Chris Lawn, Tim Lewens, Genevieve Lloyd, Michael Martin, Jeff Mason, Tristan Moyle, David Papineau, Nina Power, Jonathan Rée, Galen Strawson, Mark Vernon, Nigel Warburton

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The Philosophers' Magazine /2nd quarter 2007

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