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IINNDDUULLGGEEtextiles to buy, collect or simply admire

13 White Out Make your mark in monochrome

78 Object Fine textiles available direct from Selvedge

27 Linen Store Companies that impress

IINNDDUUSSTTRRYY from craft to commerce

15 MiscellanySeersucker: dapper, fine and dandy

17 Deep rootedLinen’s Irish lineage

22 Rumple and roll How Dr Vittorio Solbiati brought a timeless fabric up to date

AANNEECCDDOOTTEEtextiles that touch our lives

28 Sail away with meThe manufacture of marine textiles

43 Different StrokesLine up and enter the world of stripes

72 Big band numberThese boxes are the prettiest way to pack

96 Flight commanderLinen’s role in aviation history

CCOONNCCEEPPTTtextiles in fine art

68 Could you repeat that? Simone Pheulpin’s art contains subtle layers of meaning

AATTTTIIRREE critical reporting of fashion trends

34 BBrriissttooll FFaasshhiioonnHow an elite fashion was smartly turned out

37 One piece or twoLiza Bruce’s striking swimsuits

38 In the runningGame set and match to sportswear

62 Private and confidential Connyie Rethmann’s personal approach to fashion

CCOOHHAABBIITT stunning interiors beautifully photographed 48 Far pavilions The ephemeral romance of outdoor living

56 Light houseworkFlick Ekins adopted Greek home

GGLLOOBBAALLtravel destinations and ethnographic textiles

52 Banded TogetherCretan Lace

75 A case in point Fine luggage is a sign that you have really arrived

IINNFFOORRMMthe latest news, reviews and exhibition listings.

04 bias / contributors 07 news Trends and essential ideas 82rreeaadd Favourites for summer 88iinntteerrnnaattiioonnaall lliissttiinnggss Exhibitions, fairs and events 86 vviieeww

Christian Dior and Germany Coats: Max Mara, 55 Years of Fashion in Italy Muriel Rose: A Modern Craft Legacy 93ccoommiinngg nneexxtt The Home Grown Issue: Britain’s best and London’s local talent.

95ssttoocckkiissttss 80ssuubbssccrriippttiioonn ooffffeerrss A stylish Fog Linen across the chest satchel worth £19.50 for every new subscriber and renewal plus the chance to win a Lisa Ventra straw hat and tickets to Art in Action.



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