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September2006 Volume 57 No 9

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Front cover: John Tomlinson (r.) and John Daszak as Moses and Aron in Munich (see pp. 1071-2) (photo: Wilfried Höösl)

Founded in 1950 by the Earl of Harewood Past Editors Harold Rosenthal and Rodney Milnes

1027Fresh start? By the Editor 1029Readers’letters 1034Unlucky histories Harlow Robinson traces Shostakovich’s operatic career 1046Newsdesk 1048People 329: Christine Brewer Hugh Canning 1054Opera and other tragedies Charles Pitt on an ill-fated West Indies opera house 1056Obituary 1059Opera around the world 1097Opera in Britain 1131Opera on CD 1137Opera on DVD 1140Coming events including plans for the UK houses, Vlaamse Opera, Lyon, Paris (Chââtelet), Opééra National du Rhin, Hamburg, Oslo, Geneva; ‘We hear that ...’; Opera calendar home and abroad 1155Classified advertisements 1156Singers remembered: Joyce Barker Max Loppert

Opera, September 2006