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Issue 5, Autumn/Winter 07

The Essays

The Art of Swearing by Glenn O’Brien 58

Sordid Secrets by Greg Palast 62

Remember to Forget by Sam Taylor 64

Banality of Evil by Philip Zimbardo 66

Tyrants and Monologues by Clive James 68

A Call to Arms by Albert Camus 70

The Features

God Machine Paul Fryer 168

European Son Wes Anderson 178

I Like America and America Likes Me Casey Affleck 186




The Front Section

Death Knocks 0044 72

Androgeny Rules Kinder 80

Back to Mono Chromatics 82

Swarming Up The Locust 84

Solo Beginnings Thurston Moore 86

Beating the Boredom Bonde de Role 88

Candid Castro Alberto Korda 90

Team Art Meet the Artists 94

Concrete Castles Cyprien Gaillard 96

Art Shaman Matthew Stone 100

Disturb the Peace Micheal Haneke 102

The Interviews

Filth and Fury John Walters 306

Digging the Dirt Nick Kent 308

Voodoo Tap Harmony Korine 310

Burning Things Up Maarten Baas 312

Media Mogulling Hugh Hefner 314



Front Cover Photographed by Mark Segal Styled by Alister Mackie Casey wears morning stripe blazer by Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shirt and striped silk tie by Louis Vuitton; Trilby from JJ Hat Center


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