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And that’s why they call it sadism, p56

Man, I feel like a bishop, p18

PoMo no-nos, p53


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14 Hour of surrender Moving to Berlin Time is a very bad idea Peter Hitchens 15 The politics of time James Forsyth 16 Shelf hatred A university library goes astray

Peter Jones 18 Revving up Women priests await a female bishop

Ysenda Maxtone Graham 20 In praise of elitism Opera is better without mass appeal

Michael Henderson 22 Me and Mao’s girl The Helmsman’s underage lovers

Jonathan Mirsky 24 A broad church Outside St Paul’s, polite disagreement

Johnnie Kerr 26 The emperor’s new weeds Bad gardens escape criticism

Anne Wareham


Books 38 David Crane The Gentry,

by Adam Nicolson 40 Peter Jay The Price of Civilization,

by Jeffrey Sachs Julia Reckless ‘Reading Fred’: a poem 41 Grey Gowrie A Bigger Message,

by Martin Gayford 42 Daisy Dunn The Thread, by Victoria Hislop Carey Schofield Pakistan, by Imran Khan 43 Juliet Townsend Georgette Heyer,

by Jennifer Kloester 44 Nicholas Lezard Low Life, by Jeremy Clarke 45 Ysenda Maxtone Graham The Golden Hour,

by William Nicholson 47 Ferdinand Mount The Letters of

Samuel Beckett, Volume II, edited by George Craig et al 49 Michela Wrong Who Killed

Hammarskjöld?, by Susan Williams Bookends Marcus Berkmann

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