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18 Freedom Day, South Africa. April 27, 2 0 0 4 . Dazed was in the South African capital of Pretoria in April when thousands of people crowded the city to celebrate both Thabo Mbeki's inauguration and the country's first ten years of democracy. We spoke to people on the ground about their hopes and fears for their country.

6 8 Future + Positive The editor of South Africa's This Day newspaper reports on the country's escalating Aids crisis, while Rankin and the Dazed team meet a very special group of young people living with HIV in Johannesburg to produce this issue's cover.

8 8 Future Positive Perspectives # 1 : Bob Geldof Dazed talks to the man behind Live Aid and the force behind the new Commission for Africa.

9 0 Hear Me Now: Zola Kwaito superstar Zola takes us back to Soweto and the township neighbourhood in which he grew up and from where he took his name.

9 6 Future Positive Perspectives # 2 : Hugh Masekela The jazz pioneer talks about his career, his years in exile, and his return to the country that he never stopped loving.

9 8 Son of t he Soil: Mzwakhe Mbuli Hugely revered as the People's Poet after his success as a spoken word artist in the 80s and 90s, Mzwakhe Mbuli has spent much of the past two decades in jail - f i rst for crimes against the apartheid state and then, more recently, for a crime he is adamant he didn't commit.

102 Future Positive Perspectives # 3 : Helen Suzman The lone white voice of opposition in the apartheid-era parliament, Helen Suzman remembers her own unique struggle against racist tyranny.

104 Art of Africa Local art writer Sean O'Toole picks five of the best young South African artists, including Churchill Madikida, a man who made a personal journey from housebreaking and jail to the heights of conceptual art.

110 Desmond Tutu Dazed talks to the hero of the apartheid era and the heart behind the period of Truth and Reconciliation.

114 Future Positive Perspectives # 4 : Bono Bono recalls some of his own personal experiences of South Africa and the people that make it so extraordinary.

116 Justified and Ancient: Xhosa Circumcision Rituals South African photographers Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin examine the fiercely private but traditional ritual of circumcision in the South African Xhosa community.