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4 2 E V E R Y W H I C H WAY Photography by Andreas Larsson

Styling by Thom Murphy

9 8 E R I C I S T H E M A N Photography by Mariano Vivanco

Styling by Nicola Formichetti


Photography by Laurie Barley

Styling by Nancy Rohde

1 2 0 T H E Z I P P L E S S

Photography by Toyin Styling by Nicola Formichetti

1 3 2 M Y S T E R I O U S W H I T E BOY

Photography by Peter Stanglmayr

Styling by Bryan McMahon f

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E ART OF R O C K I N G H A R D : A L I F E T AKE ON A L B U M ART Defacing some of the world's greatest album covers may seem like desecration to the hardcore. But, as we discover, NY art collective Alife believe it's the best way of honouring a generation of image makers.

7 0 BOY WONDER : N I C K S T AHL With an acclaimed role in Larry Clark's Bully under his belt, as well as a lead in this summer's Terminator 3,

young blood Nick Stahl has Hollywood at his mercy. Dazed goes head to head with the Texan boy wonder.

7 6 MAN MADE F I B R E S : M E N S W E A R Kim Jones, Marios Schwab and Mihara Yasuhiro are three of the best young male designers in fashion. With each of them now designing for major brands, Dazed felt it was high time to profile their new collections.

8 6 U N D E R C O V E R B R O T H E R :

C A S E Y A F F L E C K Rumours abound about Benny from the block, but chances are you're not too familiar with Affleck Jr. With a starring role in Gus Van Sant's desert drama Gerry,

this looks set to change for good.

9 0 M E T R O P O L I S NOW: A R C H I G R A M Walking cities and drive-in housing are just a couple of ideas that the visionary architectural collective Archigram came up with 40 years ago. Dazed takes a look at their legacy which is still influential today.