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FASHION 142 Now That's What I Call Spring/Summer

Collections 2003

186 Replicas Photography by Eric Nehr, s t y l i ng by Hector Castro

196 Churchill Glebe Photography by Dirk Seiden Schwan, styl ing by Cathy

Edwards, set styl ing by Shona Heath

210 Show Girls Behind t he scenes at t he shows

MAIN STORIES 106 Life In A Northern

Town: The Burn Hail i ng f r om Blackburn and raised on work, football and parties, The Burn have already supported both Oasis and Paul Weiler. That's all very wel l , but these northern boys are happiest p l aying out in their local music hall.

116 Start From Zero:

J unya Watanabe Japanese designer Junya Watanabe is the modest master c r a f t sman of fashion, always redefining h imself and consistently surprising onlookers w i t h his collections. Dazed grabs a rare interview.

126 The Happiness of

Takashi Miike Japanese f i lmmaker Takashi Miike t rades in blood and gore, as seen in Audition and now in t he v io lent and dark Ichi The Killer. Dazed t a l ks t o t he Yakuza master.

132 Orchidelerium: Spike Jonze's Adaptation Adaptation is a f i l m about a f i l m, wr i t t en by t he screenwriting duo Charlie and Donald Kaufman (who also star in t he movie). We decided t o complicate th i ngs f u r t her by unleashing t he notorious in terviewer Tony Grisoni on t he Kaufman brothers - unaware t ha t Tony's wayward brother, Emilio, would t u r n up as well.