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MAIN STORIES 36 J a k e Gyllenhall You've seen h im as the d i s turbed star of Donnie Darko and you ' l l soon be seeing a lot more of h im . A t just 21 Jake Gyl l enhaal already has a w i s e head on his shoulders and the who l e world at his feet.

78 New Blood, New Wave: Vincent Cassel V i ncent Cassel's next f i lm, Irreversible, has just survived ten rounds w i t h the British censors. It's a perfect f i lm for the actor w h o starred in La Haineā€¢. mean, moody, challenging and in y ou r face.

84 The Revolution Is This Way Up: Bruce LaBruce Bruce LaBruce is the Canadian w h o turns hardcore porn into an art f o rm. N o w he collaborates w i t h Dazed on a series of images inspired by his fantastical f i lm.

96 Boys To The Front Of The Queue Rankin immortalises some of the most talented men in the wor l d today.

124 Red Star Rising: Oksana Akinshina T h i s beautiful teenage Russian actress p l ays a prostitute in Lukas Moodysson's new f i lm , USya 4Ever. Dazed breaks t h r ough the language barrier.

130 Menswear Scrapbook Behind the scenes at the menswear s h ows in Milan.

168 HellNo! The War On War By the t ime you read this w e may already be at war. We d i dn't ask for it, y o u d i dn't ask for it and the Iraqi people sure as hell d i dn't ask for it. It's a fucked up situation requiring a fucked up reaction. A n d Bush, Blair and Saddam A R E asking for it.

FASHION 132 Funhouse Photography by Laurence Passera

Sty l i ng by Nicola Formichetti

142 Sister Midnight Photography by A l an S c r ymgeour

Styl i ng by Hector Castro

150 TV Eye Photography W i l l i am Selden

Sty l i ng A l i s ter Mackie

160 Heavy Liquid Photography David A rmstrong

Sty l i ng Christopher Niquet