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wears jacket by F E N D I swimsuit by U N G A R O "Kiss Me Stupid" and black powder pad pin both by

M A R T I N M A R G I E L A polka dot purse by C O MM E DES G A R g O N S

photography P A U L O S U T C H

mural K A T J A R A H LWES

c o n + e n t o

MAIN STORIES 86 Soul, Sweat and Speed: The New

Home of Northern Soul From '60s Detroit to North London 2002 via Morecombe Pier, the sound of Northern Soul is alive and well and living on the Holloway Road. Just don't t ry doing aeroplane spins for two hours non-stop.

You might die.

96 Philly On My Mind: Jaguar Wright and the New Sound of Philadelphia For a few years now the rumblings of revolution have been reverberating from the US' second most celebrated music city. Suddenly it seems like everything is coming together and The Roots' dirty-talking protege Jaguar Wright is leading the way. Philly Soul -

it's a family affair.

104 Trouble Every Day: Palestine Martyrs, murder and misery are all features of daily life in Palestine, a place that for some doesn't even exist. Dazed went there in search of the reality behind the all-too-frequent headlines.

11S Sun Upon Your Shadows Fall: Ann

Demeulemeester Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester stands apart from the rest of the fashion world, designing almost exclusively in black and white and bypassing current trends to forge her own vision. Dazed visits her

Antwerp HQ. Text Susannah Frankel Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Portrait by Paul Wetherell Styling Sofia de Romarate

FASHION 120 Fraiilein C Photography Paulo Sutch

Styling Katja Rawhles

130 Remaking Makebelieve photography Cedric Buchet styling Christopher Niquet

144 E Photography David Vasiljevic

Styling Hector Castro