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10 Editor's Letter Stressed? depressed? You could buy some i nstant karma f r om The Energy Bank, but t hen again...

12 Guy Bourdin Hello petal. Meet t he man w h o c ross-pollinates beauty w i t h murder.

14 Julie Verhoeven The w o m a n w h o paints by numbers. Her f avourite pop numbers, t h a t is.

16 Boedekka F i ght i ng t a l k f r om t he bad boys of new progressive rock.

18 British Sea Power Rough Trade's new cadets aren't afraid t o rock t he boat.

20 Pearl Mothers never used t o be t h i s cool. Or sexy.

22 Bag of Inspiration # 2 Never underestimate t he i mportance of off i ce hygiene.

24 Nan Goldin Captivating subjects; w i t h a l i t t le help f r om her f r i ends.

26 Mongrel Design The Finnish pedigrees l eading t he g r aphic design pack.

28 Lovage Nathaniel Me r r i w e a t h e r has a whole lot of love t o give.

30 Gemma Hayes The f o l k - t i nged s i nger-songwriter sets d own her Dublin roots.

32 Kostas Seremetis When is spray can art not grafitti? When you w a n t t o avoid a k i c k i ng f r om Kostas.

34 Arkitip Street ar t ' s sp i r i t ual home comes of age.

36 Every Room Tells A Story The best of Nest. Better t h a n Changing Rooms.

38 Andy Cohen Is it a gallery? Or is it a l iving room? Just don't sit on t he exhibits.

40 PeopleCards Trading cards of normal people? You never know, it could c a t c h on.

Jill Hanson 'If It is meant to be n will haoaen " i n n I

42 Tokion Toys Portrait of the a r t i s t as an act i on f i gure.

44 Madlib Ain't nothing gonna break the LA beat f r eak's s t r i de.

46 Ann-Sofi Siden VoyeurCam a r t act i on on Germany's border badlands.

48 How I Want My Jewellery To Be Seen By New York cave-dwellers Mended Veil.

50 Eye Spy Look back in Angora. A review of t he year in f ashion.

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