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work with you, call me.’ So we met up in a cafe, twiddling about and she just turned up. It was Björk. Sick! And we went from there.

Eddie Jefferys and Jason Morrison are 16bit, the provocative dark princes of the UK’s electronic music scene. Their terrorising chainsaw dubstep and wayward ambient sound design led them to collaborate on two tracks on Björk’s visionary multimedia epic, Biophilia.

DAZED & CONFUSED: What were you doing 20 years ago? Was the UK dance heyday an influence? EDDIE JEFFERYS: I was trouble. Six years old, living in south London. At ten I got into The Prodigy. Then jungle and garage were big influences. JASON MORRISON: I was five and lived in Ashford, Kent. I got into electronic music at the same time, it was trance and garage. Everybody loves a bit of trance.

How did you start collaborating with Björk? JM: Derek, her manager from the label messaged us on MySpace. All it said was ‘Björk wants to

How were you inspired working with such a visionary? EJ: She never does anything generic. She’s been so successful doing her own thing, and that’s a massive influence. The melodies and vocals she gave us were in some fuckedup time signatures and most of what we do is in 4/4. It was sick to have free reign and this challenge to work around. Then we fucked off to Japan to record. JM: The plan was to find a beautiful Japanese garden and sit there all day and make tunes. But we couldn’t figure out how to do it. Then we went to New York and worked at a studio near her house in Brooklyn. Luckily she was liking everything we were doing.

How did the collaboration push your music further? EJ: Well, it’s got Björk’s vocal on it for a start! The tunes have a good synergy, everything that we like brought together into one record. JM: With our upcoming album we’re looking to evolve our live show with a band, the whole fucking lot! We’re not going to be checking our emails on stage while some pretty lights distract you. We’re going in.

text TERENCE TEH styling JOHN MCCARTY hair CHI WONG at JULIAN WATSON using KIEHL’S make-up LOTTEN HOLMQVIST at JULIAN WATSON using DIOR HOMME styling assistant REBECCA EVANS EDDIE (left) wears jacket by LOUIS VUITTON; t-shirt by MCQ; jeans by RELIGION, JASON (right) wears jacket by MCQ; t-shirt JASON’s own; trousers by BLAAK

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