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6 The Chronicle, Thursday, 24th November, 2011.



A busy autumn market all round at Leek with 152 calves on offer, selling to average £186.80 for heifers and £165.75 for bull calves. A top price of £386 reflected well against the value of store cattle, 500 of which were sold the preceding Saturday.

The monthly pedigree dairy sale attracted 63 entries, selling to a top price of £2,400 with a total throughput in the dairy section of 90 animals.

Barren cattle totalled 101, selling to an encouraging top rice of 156p, although with fair number of lightweight New Zealand Scheme cows reducing the overall average to £685.17.

As far as finished stock are concerned a top price of 214p was achieved for premium heifers with strong steers selling to £1,715.73

a record for the market. Quality fat lambs sold to 208p (£92.07 apiece). Ewes remained a sharp trade.

CLEAN CATTLE (36): no let-up in demand seeing medium steers to 158p for commercial Herefords (140p). Heavy steers topped 183.5p for a 935kg Belgian with prime Simmentals to 169p and commercial Herefords to 146p.

Heifers, medium, to 176p for Limousins, with heavy heifers to 214p for a Blonde. Premium Charolais heavy heifers to 164p.

Young bulls were principally in the medium bracket, topping 169p.

top price heifer £1,284; bull £1,206.98. Quality prices, steers:

remium 183.5p; prime 169p (159p); commercial 146p (140p); heifers: premium 214p; prime 176p (164p); commercial 146p (138p); young bulls: prime 181.5p (169p); commercial 159p (152p).

OVER THIRTY MONTH STOCK (101): the spread of value increased, with best animals showing a rise in trade and plain animals very static.

Top price Continental young cows topped 156p with others Belgians 145.5p. Simmentals 143.5p and best Friesians to 142p. Grade one cows averaged 132.5p; grade two cows 119p (114p); grade three cows 98p (82p). Overage clean topped 150p for Friesians, with Herefords to 149p. One stock bull hands at 101.5p for a Shorthorn.

Top price of the day was £1,219.75, paid for an 850kg Simmental with an average price of £685.

PEDIGREES TO £2,400: a tremendous trade at the November Leek pedigree sale saw a top price of £2,400, with seven exceeding the £2,000 mark and the top 24 averaging £1,958.

A beautiful entry of heifers from the Award herd of Messrs Ward, Alfreton, attracted a lot of interest with Award Homestead Sundance peaking at £2,400. By Bomaz Homestead, her dam had given 13,295kg in her fifth. Sold giving 32kg she went to Messrs Parker of Haughton. They also went on to take a second heifer from the same home by Buckeye at £2,260.

Meldamar Samuelo Marie 25 from Messrs Shepherd of Bakewell reached £2,180. By Regancrest-Mr Samuelo she oasted a VG85 dam that had given 10490kg, and went to Mr R Backhouse of Leigh.

Cows peaked at £1,950 for a second calver from Mr G Wragg of Alfreton. She had given 8763kg as a heifer and went to Messrs Sherwin of Sproston.

A smashing entry of in-calf heifers from Rob and Wendy Leeson of Ipstones peaked at £1,900. Averages: first quality heifers to £2,400 (£1,958); second quality heifers to £1,720 (£1,617);

first quality cows to £1,950 (£1,950); in-calf heifers to £1,900 (£1,653); the entire entry averaged £1,674.

BUTCHERS’ LAMBS (629): fewer about and holding a firm trade, producing standardweights to 198p (186p). Medium lambs to 208p and 205p (181p). Heavy lambs to 198p and others at 189p (160p).

SQQ average 182.1p with market average 173.7p.

Quality prices, Lambs: premium 208p (204p); prime 198p (174p); commercial 140p (137p).

EWES AND CULL SHEEP (116): fewer about and once again scarcity prices, seeing best Texels at £126 and £120, with others £110. Market average £75.40 with Rams to £88.

CALVES (152): calves going to slaughter at up to £45 apiece. Simmentals dominated the bull section at £386 and £372 (12, £315). Blues to £360 (17, £260). Limousins to £348 (£228). Herefords to £285 (£232). Angus to £262 (£162). Friesians saw a top price of £185 for strong calves with others at £160, 41 calves averaging £68.

Heifers saw Blues dominating at £326 at £298, (12, £230). Limousins to £248 (£185). Simmentals to £240 (£205). Herefords to £212 (£130).

PRODUCE: sold to £17 a bale for round baled spring barley straw.


FRESH CALVES (145): the 52 black and white calves to £165 (£73.89).

Bulls: Holstein x (45): (£67.96) to £128 (Byley); Friesian (7): (£92.57) to £165 (Wildboarclough); Ayrshire (1): to £140; Hereford (1): to £238 (Church Lawton); Charolais x (1): to £360 (Elworth); Simmental x (9): (£296.33) to £348 (Hassall); Limousin x (4): (£198.50) to £270 (Holmes Chapel); British Blue (14): (£261.07) to £365; Jersey (2): (£35) to £46; Shorthorn (1): to £28 (Sandbach); Aberdeen Angus (24): (£202.21) to £265 (Betchton Heath); Brown Swiss (1): to £78 (Elworth).

Heifers: Hereford (3): (£180) to £200; Charolais x (1): to £240 (Barthomley); Simmental x (9): (£218.67) to £248 (Marton); Limousin x (2): (£180) to £218 (Holmes Chapel); British Blue (3): (£210) to £270; Shorthorn (2): (£93) to £96 (Medhurst Green); Aberdeen Angus (15): (£127.13) to £240 (Betchton Heath).

HEADS OF POULTRY (559): hybrid layers at point of lay attracted £8, other pure bred pullets at £10-£12, bantams and large fowl of Buff Sussex, light Sussex, Welsummer, Marans and older hybrids ranged from 50p to £1.50 per head.

Waterfowl were in evidence but consisted of some interesting lots, shell ducks £16, Mandarin and teal £14, call ducks £10.

Pied turkeys ranged from £14 - £17, an African gander £16, peacocks £25-£35 depending on age. White geese £4-£5.

DAIRYAND BEEF CATTLE (28): prices to £1,920 for Messrs Hudson’s smart, fresh heifer and to £1,400 for the best of the cows, a second-calver from Messrs Whittaker.

Super trade again among the beef breeding outfits to £1,370 for a Blue cross cow with her heifer calf and back in-calf again to a Hereford. Others included an Angus cross with Hereford cross bull calf at £1,190, Friesian cow with Simmental cross calf at £980, etc.

Pedigree Red Poll bulling heifers made to £750 apiece,

Hereford to £520. An Angus cross Hereford breeding bull made 1,270gns (£1,333).

STORE CATTLE (130): short keep heifers were the order of the day, Blue cross Limousin models raced away to peak at £1,120, one of six heifers over £1,000. Home bred steers to £1,095 and £1,035 with Bazadaise x to £915.

Smart youngsters crept past £700 for a brace of seven-monthold Limousin crosses.

Better end bulls sold to £690 for a new seller, but a much higher proportion of smaller, young bulls on offer generally £300-£400.

Steers: Limousin x at (21 months old) £1,095; British Blue x 18 months old £1,035; Bazadaise x 27mo £915; Simmental x at 15mo £860 (Lower Withington x 3); Limousin x nine months old £780 (Biddulph).

Heifers: British Blue x 16mo £1,120 (Gawsworth); British Blue x 16mo £1,035; British Blue x 16mo £1,035 (Gawsworth); Charolais x 19mo £1,020 (Gawsworth); British Blue x 17mo £1,020 (Biddulph).

Bulls: Hereford x 17mo £690; Charolais x five months old £625; Hereford x six months old £590; Hereford x seven months old £540 (Holmes Chapel x 2); British Blue x six months old £480 (Rushton Spencer x 2).

PIGS (322): the 20 cull sows and boars sold to 74p.

Three boars to 51p (50.62p); 17 sows to 74p (69.33p).

There were 118 butchers’ pigs, with very few quality gilts on offer with most of the best shaped pigs being boars. Coloured pigs 65-95p.

Prices: porker (17): to 134p (98.86p); cutter (45): to 117p (97.03p); baconer (52): to 125p (112.96p); overweight (4): to 95p (80.88p); overall (118): 104.1p.

The 184 store and breeding pigs met a firm demand for all weights.

Prices: £53 at 49kg; £40 at 33kg; £34 at 31kg; £32 at 21kg; £29 at 27kg.

STORE AND BREEDING SHEEP (392): prices: Texel to 85p (66p); Suffolk to 85p (63p); Gritstone to 59p (55p).

FARM PRODUCE (32 LOADS): the appeal for more small bale hay bore fruit with six loads on offer making between £150-£185. This entry boosted the overall total number of loads to 32.

Big bale hay was also in demand and although there were no real first quality on offer, decent second quality hay made up to £110. Haylage/silage made a wide variety of prices depending upon quality from £40 to £120.

A good entry of both barley and wheat straw on offer, with prices improving from last week back to those prices achieved three or four weeks ago. Big bale barley straw £80-£90 with wheat straw £70-£82 in round bales and £70-£88 in hestons and mini hestons. Two loads of big bale oat straw sold at £75 and £72. A load of small bale wheat straw made £105/tonne.

EGGS: prices: barn eggs: extra large £1.20; large 95p; medium 80p; small 40p; 43 dozen duck to £3.60; quail 70p; free range: extra large £1.50; large £1.20; medium £1.10; small 55p. Other produce: 64 rabbits to £2.50; 15 braces of partridge £2; two hares £3.50.

POTATOES (1,230): Wilja £2.50; Romano £2.50; Valor £2; Estima £2.50; Nadine £2.75; Mozart £2; Cara £3; Victoria £3.25; harmony £3; 343 stock feed carrots £1.10; SF potatoes £2; barley £3.25; box bakers £5.50; salad potatoes £5.50.

VEGETABLES (2,456 PACKAGES): carrots: washed x 28lb £2.25; dirty x 28lb £2; bunch 50p; cabbage: hard x 6 £2; Savoy x 6 £1.50; red x 6 £1.50; spring x 10 £1; January king x 6 £2; broccoli x 10lb £3; cauliflower: large x 4 £4.50; medium x 6 £3.50; leek x 10lb £3; parsnip x 5kg £2; sprout x 10lb £2; sprout stems x 5 £2; tomatoes x 5kg £7; lettuce: Cos x 12 £2; beetroot x 28lb £2; kale £3; onions x 20kg £5.50; celery x 6 £1.75; celeriac x 5lb £1.75.

CULL COWS AND BULLS (129): the 94 black and white cows to £1,059.84 (£649.04). Bulls (£1,722.84). Best black and whites two bids cheaper and the rest as last week. The 2p movement in the exchange rate between GBP and the Euro resulted in a 2p difference in the export cow prices.

Cull cows (118): (£672); cull bulls (6): (£1,039); steers (5): (£1,046).

Cows: Simmental x 932 at 137p or £1,276.84; Holstein x at 828kg 128p or £1,059.84 (Allostock); British Blue x at 656kg 159p or £1,043.04 (Marton); Aberdeen Angus at 718kg 145p or £1,041.10 (Rushton); Friesian at 800kg 128p or £1,024 (Rudyard).

Bulls: Blonde D’Aquitaine at 1,172kg 147p or £1,722.84; Limousin x at 984kg 149p or £1,466.16; Friesian at 696kg 139p or £967.44; Holstein x at 794kg 107p or £849.58; Friesian at 640kg 129p or £825.60.

Steers: Aberdeen Angus at 980kg 132p or £1,293.60; Shorthorn at 796kg 136p or £1,082.56; Shorthorn at 706kg 142p or £1,002.52; British Blue x at 712kg 140p or £856.80.

Cull cow: Holstein x (71): (103.49p) to 131p; Friesian (23): (104.69p); to 133p.

BUTCHERS’ SHEEP (1,025): the 904 butchers’ lambs sold to 215p (46.9kg) Texel crosses (184.1p).

Averages: premium to 215p (204.6p); prime to 194p (189.2p); others to 177p (172p).

CULL EWES (121): sold to a top of £108 for meaty ewes; seven pens above £90. Lighter weight ewes sold between £38-£58.

BUTCHERS’ CATTLE (77): best cattle to 208p and prime quality fed cattle to 196p or £1,344. Middle order cattle looked very well sold, plenty in the 180s with heifers totting up to £1,278 and £1,263.

Bull trade was “on fire”. Messrs Wilcock were in the pound seat at 225p or £1,512. Some of the best black and whites seen for a week or two sold to 186p.

Steers (16): to 196p (169.01p); heifers (20): to 208p (179.12p); bulls (41): to 225p (178.25p); overall average 176.26p.

Steers: prime to 196p (180.1p); other (6): to 160p (150.3p).

Heifers: premium (2): to 208p (201p); prime (15): to 187p (179.93p); other (3): to 163p (158.66p).

Bulls: premium (6): to 225p (212p); prime (12): to 196p (186.91p); other (23): to 179p (161.8p).

Admits assault

Philip Johnson, (30), of 66, High Street, Harriseahead, has been remanded in custody until 24th November after being convicted of assault charges.

Johnson admitted that on 11th November he assaulted Ann Marie Cartlidge by beating her and that on the 12th he destroyed a window of unknown value belonging to Ms Cartlidge. He denied a charge that on the 12th he assaulted Ms Cartlidge by beating her and it was dismissed.

The adjournment was for inquiries to be made into how the case should be determined.

Latest borough plans

Cheshire East Council has received the following planning applications.

and internal refurbishment.

Alsager: Lagan (Alsager), for Twyfords Bathrooms, Lawton Road, outline planning permission with some matters reserved for up to 435 residential units and access off Lawton Road and Linley Lane; Mr B Steen, 3032, Shady Grove, retrospective application for erection of new amateur radio monopole mast/ antenna; T W Frizell (Haulage and Plant Hire), land rear of Cardway Cartons, Linley Lane, inert and excavation waste recycling centre with erection of site Portacabin office, screening bund and fence (partly in retrospect).

Congleton: Miss Y Narinram, 39, West Street, change of use from commercial office to residential house; Mr and Mrs A Bell, 35, West Street, change of use to the first floor from B1 offices to C3 residential (one bedroom flat); Mr I Lister, Unit E, Congleton Retail Park, Barn Road, side fascia sign; Mr R Drew, St Peters Parish Church, Chapel Street, to display two advertisement boards at west gate of church.

Rural: David Young, Bracken Barn, Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, installation of 52 Sontech solar pu panels on roo of existing agricultural building; Mr D Hulse 12, Palmerston Close, Haslington, two storey side extension; Mr P Lomax, The Byre, Glebe Farm, Chester Road, Aldford, for Old School, Liverpool Road West, Church Lawton, change of use of the old school building to form two residential units and the construction of one new residential dwelling within the curtilage; Niamh and Vivienne Darcy and Cook, Thisilldous, Macclesfield Road, North Rode, retention and change of use o timber structure (currently used as a temporary agricultural workers dwelling) to an office and store; Nick Hill, Cherry Tree Cottage, Bunce Lane, Marton, new double garage and listed building consent for new double garage; Trevo Done, Old Hall Farm, Congleton Road, Swettenham, demolition o out-buildings and erection of a single-storey extension.

Middlewich: Picea Design, Sea Bank, erection of five dwellings, new vehicular access, associated car parking and landscaping; Russell Homes and Stewart Milne Homes, land off, Jersey Way, construction of 77 private residential dwellings together with associated works.

Rural: C/o Visualise, Kenwyn, Moss Lane, Brereton Heath, demolish and replace dormer bungalow with two storey family house; E Ward and Son, Whitethorn, Watery Lane, Astbury, agricultural dwelling; Monica Corrie, Tenement Farm, Fence Lane, Astbury triple garage with storage/workshop above within roofspace; Mr and Mrs R Stubbs, 66, Main Road, Goostrey, amendment to application 08/0555/ful rear extension to form conservatory/sun lounge.

Sandbach: Abbeyfield Management, Abbeyfields, Park Lane, installation of emergency lighting in communal staircases and corridors; and installation of fire/smoke detection system; Allan Littlemore, corner of Middlewich Road and St Stephens Court, memorial stone; Dr C and Mrs S Howes, Watch Lane Cottage, Watch Lane, Moston, conversion of existing garage to ancillary living accommodation.

Cheshire East Council has settled the following planning applications.

Withdrawn Congleton: Christopher Johnson, Boundary Villa Farm, 4, Boundary Lane, extensions to existing residential property.

Consent for tree works Sandbach: Mrs Shaw, The Commons House, 31, The Commons, tree, crown thinning. Approved with conditions

Alsager: Mr C Dutton, 69, Lawton Road, demolition of single storey kitchen and outhouse and construction of orangery and wet room.

Holmes Chapel: Richard Johnson, Chestergate Properties, Manor House, Manor Lane, for grass verge adjacent to Manor Lane, at entrance to Holmes Chapel Business Park.

Middlewich: Frederic Robinson, George and Dragon, Middlewich Road, formation of a glazed porch under the existing canopy, relocation of existing smoking shelter, new soft surface play area and new pedestrian entrance; Mr R Prosser, Cheshire Constabulary Clemonds Hey, Oakmere Road, Winsford, for the Police Station, Queen Street, install solar pv system; Mr W Johnson, Punch Taverns, Big Lock Inn, Webbs Lane, construction of a smoking canopy to front, extension of upper decking area to the rear

Coming soon: long-awaited decision on 63 houses plan

Councillors will soon decide whether to give the go ahead to a 63-house estate in Congleton — 20 months after they deferred their decision.

The fate of the Sutherland Works site in Buglawton was due to be decided by Cheshire East’s Strategic Planning Board in March 2010. Developers King Sturge wanted to demolish the Bromley Road factory, which has been empty since 2004, and build the houses in its place. They argued that after being on the market for over a year, there had been no buyers for the factory, and the site’s future lay in housing.

But when the committee came to vote, members said they were unconvinced the applicants had marketed the site well enough, and deferred their decision.

The long-awaited judgment will finally be made on Tuesday, after members are presented with a new marketing report.

Planning officers are happy with the new information provided by King Sturge, and have said the estate should go ahead.

The meeting is at Macclesfield Library at 2pm.

Ordered to pay compensation

A Church Lawton man has been given a 12-month conditional discharge afte admitting assault.

Simon Mason, (46), of 17, Grove Park, Church Lawton, admitted that on 10th June at Wolstanton he assaulted Neil Worgan.

He was ordered to pay compensation of £300 to M Worgan, of Newcastle-underLyme.

No order for costs was made because of the compensation when he appeared before North Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court on 14th November.

Joy riders speed

Joy riders stole a car from Rood Hill in Congleton which police said was later seen speeding around Macclesfield.

It was stolen around 1pm on Tuesday, 8th November and was recovered at 2.30am the following day by police officers.

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