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There must be a lot of bruised ribs out there. After my wailing and lamentation in my last editorial, in which I asked you to make good use of your elbows with potential advertisers and subscribers, the response from both has been tremendous. In fact, this issue carries the most advertising we have ever had, most of it arriving – typically –

right on the deadline. I’m sure that this is partly due to the fact that this issue is scheduled for publication just before Salute, always a good time for traders to display their wares, but of course we live in hope that this level of support will continue. My thanks, in the meantime, to all those companies and subscribers who have come aboard, and to those of you who may have done some discreet nudging!

So, here at Battlegames HQ, it’s been incredibly busy, with hardly time to come up for air, especially since, as I write this editorial, it’s actually less than two months since the last time I did so. I’ve not even had time to update the blog lately, but two things of note have happened, one related to the business, the other to my hobby. (Yes, I do still try to kid myself that I still have one!)


Oi! That’s my apple corer!

Diane Sutherland, UK Forward Observer

Mike Siggins, UK Play your cards right

Dan Mersey, UK Keeping it simple

Neil Thomas, UK One down, 12,000 to go...

Bob Barnetson, Canada Perry, Perry good

Henry Hyde, UK Table top teaser

C. S. Grant, UK Recce

New goodies reviewed by our team The Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal: update 38

Our campaign to help support ex-service personnel continues Events May/June 2010 39

Richard Tyndall, UK Competition and classified ads

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First of all, and with my heart in my mouth, I have decided to be the first wargames magazine to break new ground and offer completely up-to-date digital issues and a digital subscription. The demand for PDFs is currently still modest, but is definitely growing, and I also wanted to offer a low-cost solution to existing and new subscribers to the printed version who also tell me that they find PDFs convenient and useful under some circumstances. I know that retailers are twitchy about this move, but the fact is that in general, I have found little overlap between the market for printed and digital copies and of course, as a business, I must look to the future and be ready for whatever happens. See page 41 for full details.

Secondly – and I know I might get locked up by the Old School prefects for this – I was persuaded by Dan Mersey, against my better judgement, to try a game of DBA last week. The shock of being told that we didn’t need all of my 8' x 6' table, just a 2' square, nearly had me on my back. I was then confronted by a collection of typically tiny DBA ‘armies’, and play commenced. But, do you know the worst thing of all?

I enjoyed it. For goodness’ sake, shush, don’t tell anyone!

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Cover: “The view’s much better over here, laddie!” Appropriately, some Perry collection lovelies, this time the 42nd Royal Highlanders involved in some house-to-house shenanigans during a Black Powder game at Alan Perry’s house when the Editor visited in December.

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