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the exception of the keeper, all the changes offered the side something better than was there before (in Walcott’s case, a bit of energy and drive, as he is obviously not a better player than Arshavin). Arsenal’s only two players who could really make any kind of claim to be approaching world class are the captain and the Dutch forward, and if the team are to succeed, realistically, they both need to be playing. The victory over Chelsea proved what the team are capable of. It seems a long time since they beat either of the two sides that have shared the title, and they need to do this more often if they are to prove they have the winning mentality required to be the best team in the Premier League. It may be a season in which sides are falling over themselves to give each other the title. My God, even Spurs are talking about their chances of nicking it. But history will not be placing an asterisk by the winners in the 2010/11 season stating that the champions were only such because everyone else was so bad. The pot is there for the taking. Arsenal, at the top of their game as they were against Chelsea, are good enough to win the thing. What we are now crying out for is some consistency. The Wigan and Birmingham matches will establish whether the team are capable of it at venues with bad memories. Let’s hope by the time you read this that some demons have been conquered as convincingly as Chelsea were the day after Boxing Day. A quick note to say that if anyone needs an extra copy of the calendar we have given away with this issue, send an A5 sized SAE to the usual address on page 3, or buy one online from our website for 50p. To finish, I wish everyone a happy 2011. Here’s hoping Arsenal give us reasons to cherish the year once it’s behind us.

- Kevin Whitcher

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