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Kate Petty

Reissue 9+ June £8.99 544pp MMP 198 x 12 mm 978 1 84255 162 2 Territories: World Rights: Orion

Reissue 9+ June £8.99 608pp MMP 198 x 12 mm 978 1 84255 501 9 Territories: World Rights: Orion e


Four summer stories sizzling with sunshine and romance.


Fabulous sequel to Summer Heat: more summer stories sizzling with romance!

As well as being a widely published author, Kate Petty worked in publishing for many years. She died in 2007.

‘Some of the best books I have read...I first read Maddy and got addicted’ Jasmin

‘I thought they were great! I've even got my mates on to them now!’ Hannah

‘When I was reading them, I felt like I was there, watching everything happen’ Kate