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Sally Gardner

12+ August £9.99 484pp MMP 198 x 129mm 978 1 4440 0627 8 Territories: World XUSA Rights: Orion e X


A tragedy dripping with blood and loss, a delicious love story set in the whirling heart of the French Revolution.

Sally Gardner trained at art college and went on to work in the theatre, winning awards for her costume designs for some notable productions. After her twin daughters and her son were born she started to illustrate children’s books, and then turned to writing. She lives in North London. 58

9+ 978 1 84255 634 4 e X

9+ 978 1 84255 715 0 e X

9+ 978 1 84255 504 0 e X Winner of the Gold Award in the 9–11 year-olds Nestlé Children’s Book Prize. Shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book of the Year 2006 and the Independent

Booksellers’ Book of the Year

Award 2007.

12+ 978 1 7806 2012 1 e X

An Indigo Title (see page 63)

‘Sally Gardner’s cast of unlikely heroes and misfits transforms history into something wonderfully thrilling and fresh. I bow to her storytelling brilliance’ Meg Rosoff