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Grover Jackson returns The legendary American luthier who masterminded the rise of both the Jackson and Charvel brands is back with his own California-based brand, GJ². The guitars are set to make their debut at the NAMM convention in California this month. The new line features neck-through-body construction, top components, pickups made in-house, pearl ‘Infinity’ inlays on the Arete 5-Star and 5-Star Korina models, a choice of woods, and high-gloss or rubbed oil finishes. Grover’s inventive design skills were brought to the fore when he built guitars for the elite of rock players throughout the 1980s, including Eddie Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Sammy Hagar. Grover also famously worked together with Ozzy Osbourne’s incredible guitarist Randy Rhoads in the early days of Jackson. Rock guitar enthusiasts can get their hands on one of the new Grover Jackson models now. Visit to see their full range and for details of stockists.

BEST OF BRITISH The ever-successful Birmingham Guitar Show, now renamed the Great British Guitar Show, will once again be returning to Birmingham’s New Bingley Hall on February 25-26 this year. ‘The decision to re-brand the show came about as we realised it was becoming a “national” show,’ says event manager Jason Hunt. ‘People were travelling from all over the UK to visit us, and as things developed we felt it necessary to tweak the show’s identity. Of course there will be a host of international brands in evidence but we’ll also be striving to showcase the incredibly rich talent of the British guitar industry.’ Amongst the brands showing their wares will be Laney, Ibanez, Boss, Fret-King, Line 6, Vigier, Vanquish, Rotosound, Patrick James Eggle and Blade. As if that wasn’t enough, Guitar & Bass will be making an appearance there too! Tickets cost £10 in advance; you’ll find all the latest at www.


Hubert Sumlin teaches Howlin’ Wolf’s Smokestack Lightning HTTP://BIT.LY/IAPV3L Out of respect for the late, great bluesman Hubert Sumlin we have decided to dedicate this month’s vintage guitar clip to the man himself. Here, Sumlin takes us through the masterful intro to Howlin’ Wolf’s classic blues standard with the help of his trusty 1955 Gibson Les Paul goldtop. What a riff.

MUSIC MAKER DUBLIN, IRELAND CONTACT +353 01677 9004 If you’ve never visited Dublin, then do – it’s a hive of musical activity with great street acts and scores of pubs playing host to solo artists, jam sessions and bands playing all styles of music from jigs and reels to full-on heavy rock. Music Maker is situated in the heart of the city. ‘We have to carry a big stock – there are so many musicians here,’ says Dave Neville. ‘We’re a pretty rock’n’roll store, as you can tell from the “No Stairway!” sign and the big brass Les Paul shop door handles…’

Layout This shop really does have a great rock vibe with four levels of old red-bricked rooms. Drums are at the top (revenge!) and then comes PA and acoustic guitars, while amps and guitars are on level one

New gear Yep, they’ve got the stuff: Fender, Duesenberg, Jackson, Eastwood, Musicman, Tanglewood, Gretsch, Avalon, Line 6, Takamine, plus amps from ZT, Markbass, Aguilar, Marshall, Fender, Vox, Hiwatt, Orange, Carvin, Ampeg and Blackstar. The effects section has too many brands to list

Secondhand gear Part-exchange is welcome on clean guitars, and we spotted some nice Rickys, Fenders and Gibsons. ‘This is a popular haunt for bargain hunters so good deals don’t stay for long’, warns Dave

Best bargain in the shop A Flying V with hard case at 800 Euros, and a Blackstar Artisan 15H head and cab was also a cool half price deal at 900 Euros

Highlight Music Maker is very proactive on the live scene, providing back-line for various live events and instore workshops, while working with schools and providing a really good in-store repair service Conclusion We were touched at how much time and attention a youngster was being given while trying out a first guitar, yet the experienced staff – who all play in bands – can get as in-depth and techy as anyone could want. Definitely worth a visit

VITAL STATISTICS Layout 19 /20 Staff knowledge 19 /20 Staff helpfulness 19 /20 Range of new gear 17 /20 Range of secondhand gear 15/ 20 Parking Plenty on side streets



12 Guitar & Bass FEBRUARY 2012