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“I love Elixir Strings.

They feel really comfortable and I don’t need to change my strings over and over again.”

- Yolanda Charles

Extending your tone life

like no other string.

Every time you play your bass guitar, tiny bits of you are left to invade the windings to contaminate your strings and kill your tone. Elixir® Strings are the only strings that keep dirt out of the windings by coating the entire string. Our ultra-thin

NANOWEB® Coating provides a clean, smooth feel and players tell us their tone lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated.

Hear more from Yolanda Charles and find out why she loves her Elixir Strings:

Yolanda Charles plays Elixir Strings

Electric Bass with NANOWEB Coating, Medium Gauge .045 - .105

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