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Inside cover Portrait: David C. Ward on Abraham Lincoln

2 Editorial 3 News & Notes 5 Letter from Silas Gunn

Neil Powell 6 Rewards of Failure Sam Adams 7 Letter from Wales Simon Eckett 9 Kitaj in the Lake District John Greening 9 Nicholson, Suddenly Frank Kuppner 11 Random Souvenirs of a Fleeting Return to the Continent

Jane Yeh 12 Seven Poems Jean-Paul de Dadelsen 17 Three Poems (translated by Marilyn Hacker)

Raymond Queneau 22 from Hitting the Streets (translated by Rachel Galvin)

Hester Knibbe 27 Five Poems (translated by Jacquelyn Pope) Anne Stevenson 39 Two Poems

Don Coles 40 Two-Hander Janet Kofi-Tsekpo 43 Six Poems Maurice Rutherford 45 Heinz Gropsmeyer

Neil Powell 46 Four Poems Pier Paolo Pasolini 51 Poems Around Town (translated by N.S. Thompson)

Peter Bland 58 Wilderness Moments and Mr Maui

Thomas Day 15 Variant Editions of Geoffrey Hill’s Mercian Hymns Roger Caldwell 19 ‘The Present King of France is Bald’: On Possible Worlds Robert Griffiths 25 Shelley and the Old and New Atheism Marius Kociejowski 28 Once Upon a Time in County Cork

Adrian May 41 The Hang of Song: Arctic Monkeys and Clare Pollard Carol Rumens 44 in conversation with Maurice Rutherford

John Muckle 47 Out of Town: Robert Duncan, Michael McClure, and

The Ground Aslant

Ian Brinton 54 Jack Spicer’s Words: ‘God Must Have a Big Eye’ Mark Ryan Smith 60 Two Explorers: Charles Doughty and Hugh MacDiarmid

Bernard O’Donoghue 64 on The Word Exchange

Judith Chernaik 65 on Adam Zagajewski

Will Eaves 66 on Dan Burt Chris Preddle 67 on Ed Reiss Joey Connolly 68 on Ian Pople Gerry McGrath 69 on The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry Alison Brackenbury 69 on Siân Hughes, Ellen Phethean and Hilary Menos

71 Some Contributors

Cover image: John Ashbery, Napoleon, 2009, collage, 12⅜ × 9⅛ inches. Courtesy Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

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Trade distributors:

central books ltd, 99 Wallis Road, London e9 5ln email Copyright © 2011 poetry nation review

All rights reserved issn 0144-7076 isbn 978 1 84777 041 7

General Editor michael schmidt Co-ordinating Editor helen tookey News & Notes Editor eleanor crawforth editorial address: Michael Schmidt Department of English University of Glasgow 5 University Gardens

Glasgow g12 8qh

Manuscripts should be sent to the editorial office and cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed and stamped envelope or, for writers living abroad, by an international reply coupon.

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