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Inside cover Portrait: Hart Crane (David C. Ward)

2 Editorial 3 News & Notes 5 Letters: Robert Griffiths, Tom Dilworth

Neil Powell 6 Michael Henchard’s Will Sam Adams 7 Letter from Wales Jeffrey Wainwright 9 Geoffrey Hill’s First Lecture

Fady Joudah 10 Amjad Nasser ‘Cavafy’s Mask’ Michael Glover 12 From the Bow-Wow Shop 3 Frank Kuppner 13 Almost Nothing But Sudden Impulses

R.F. Langley 14 From a Journal

Eavan Boland 16 Re-reading Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘The Deserted Village’ Stanley Moss 17 Ten Poems Dannie Abse 25 Three Poems Anne Stevenson 26 Three Poems Sheenagh Pugh 27 Three Poems

Eva Luka 34 Four Poems Mina Gorji 36 Five Poems Vénus Khoury-Ghata 37 Five Poems (translated by Marilyn Hacker)

Shazea Quraishi 41 Three Poems

Greg Delanty 42 from The Greek Anthology C.K. Williams 48 Four Poems Maureen Duffy 52 Three Poems David C. Ward 53 Two San Francisco Poets John McAuliffe 54 Four Poems

Dawn Wood 60 Four Poems Andrew Waterman 62 Those were the days

Gabriel Josipovici 17 Samuel Beckett What is the Word, by György Kurtág Andrew Hadfield 22 ‘And kis the steppes, where as thow seest pace/Virgile’

Chris Miller 28 What the Dead Keep Jason Guriel 38 Chain of Fools: on Seamus Heaney Ahren Warner 44 C.K. Williams in Conversation Martin Caseley 51 Snapshots of Ypres Jee Leong Koh 55 The Pillow Book

Iain Bamforth 63 Catchwords 11

David C. Ward 66 on Patti Smith Andrew Hadfield 67 on Cavalcanti, Dante, and the Classics in Modern Poetry André Naffis-Sahely 70 on Mahmoud Darwish

Miriam Gamble 71 on Mexican Poetry Today Charlie Cocksedge 72 on C.K. Williams

Evan Jones 72 on Paul Bray David C. Ward 73 on W.S. Merwin

75 Some Contributors

Cover image: The cover image, entitled ‘Sensitive, Seldom and Sad’, originally included in Rhymes without Reason (1944) © the Mervyn Peake Estate, appears as the cover illustration for Mervyn Peake’s Complete Nonsense, an illustrated volume published by Carcanet Press to accompany the Collected Poems (2008), as part of the 2011 celebrations to mark the centenary of Mervyn Peake’s birth.

The image is reproduced by kind permission of the Mervyn Peake Estate.

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