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Chris Lightbown The Assassination of the President: The Mysterious Death of John F. Kennedy

Astounding inquiry into the mystery of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The facts of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination are well-known, yet there remain many theories about who killed him, with whispers of a dark conspiracy. This masterly book is the first to use a network of independent researchers and, in a brilliant piece of investigative reporting, reveals a convincing narrative that provides clarity to an event that altered the 20th century. A former investigative journalist for the Sunday Times, Chris Lightbown was a consultant on enquiries into the Hillsborough disaster and Princess Diana’s death.

History Cased January 2013 £20.00 512pp 234 x 156mm 20 illustrations 978 0 297 86446 2 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: W&N


Wendy Moore How to Create the Perfect Wife

From the No. 1 bestselling author of Wedlock, a true My Fair Lady set in Georgian Britain. Thomas Day, a radical thinker and young man of means, embarked on an experiment. Having decided he could never marry a woman with brains, spirit or fortune, he adopted two orphan girls from a Foundling Hospital, and set about educating them to become perfect wives. But the path of true experimentation did not run smoothly, as Wendy Moore documents in this extraordinary account of the real Eliza Doolittle... Wendy Moore is a freelance journalist and author whose work has won and been shortlisted for many prestigious awards. Her previous book, Wedlock, was chosen for the Channel 4 TV Book Club. She lives in South London.

History Cased January 2013 £20.00 352pp 234 x 156mm 978 0 297 86378 6 Markets: World XUSAC USA, Translation: Conville & Walsh; Serial: W&N