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Nick Russell-Pavier, Stewart Richards The Great Train Robbery The Definitive Account

Definitive account of the famous 1963 Great Train Robbery – and its aftermath. On 8 August 1963, £2.6 million (£50 million today) in unmarked notes was stolen from the Glasgow–London nightmail train in a daring and brilliantly-executed operation dubbed the crime of the century. Fifty years later, here is the story in full for the first time, a true-life crime thriller, and a vivid slice of British social history. Nick Russell-Pavier is a BBC Radio 4 writer and producer who is independently producing a radio programme about the Great Train Robbery.

History Cased January 2013 £20.00 320pp 234 x 156mm 16pp illustrations 978 0 297 86439 4 Markets: World XUSA USA & Translation: Darley Anderson; Serial: W&N

Jennifer Irvine The Pure Package Made Easy

The simple and easy-to-follow gourmet eating plan that guarantees weight loss. Do you want to lose weight, eat well and save time? Jennifer Irvine, founder of The Pure Package, returns with her delicious gourmet diet plan to ensure that your mealtimes are filled with healthy food, full on flavour and low on preperation. With over 100 tried-andtested recipes, The Pure Package Made Easy will fit in around your life and make staying healthy and losing weight that much easier. Jennifer Irvine built The Pure Package service from her kitchen sink to a multi-million-pound business. She lives in Surrey.

Cookery, Food & Drink Cased January 2013 £20.00 240pp 246 x 189mm 100 Illustrations 978 0 297 86659 6 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: W&N 17