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Blanche Vaughan In One Pot 100 deliciously simple, fresh recipes for every occasion Over 100 delicious, simple and seasonal recipes to enjoy and cook with the least amount of fuss. Blanche Vaughan will revolutionise how we cook. With everything from dinner party dishes, one pot weekend menus, to one pots to carry and sweet pots, this book is for people who love cooking as well as those who are time-poor but love eating delicious food. There is a one pot for everyone. Blanche Vaughan is a food writer and chef. She trained at the River Cafe, Moro and St John. She writes for the Guardian online. She lives in west London.

Cookery / Food & Drink Cased January £16.99 224pp 246 x 189mm 100 Illustrations 978 0 297 86745 6 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: W&N


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