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A.J. Cross Gone in Seconds

Brilliant debut crime thriller by a British forensic psychologist. When the skeleton of a young woman is found near a West Midlands motorway, forensic psychologist Dr Kate Hanson and the Unsolved Crime Unit are called in to re-investigate the case of a teenage girl who went missing five years ago. The clues all point to a repeater: a killer who will adapt, grow and not stop until they are caught. Can Dr Hanson unravel the tangle of clues before the killer has a chance to take another innocent victim? A.J. Cross is a forensic psychologist. She lives in the West Midlands with her musician husband.

Crime & Mystery Fiction Cased/ TPB July £20.00/£12.99 368pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 4267 6/978 1 4091 4268 3 Markets: World XUSA USA & Translation: Darley Anderson Serial: Orion

Ilana Fox All That Glitters

Smart, funny and romantic – curl up with the new novel from Ilana Fox. Ella Aldridge seems to have it all. Married to Premiership footballer Danny Riding, she has the mansion, the car and the clothes. But Ella and Danny’s marriage is not what is seems and they work hard to fool the press into believing they are ‘Love’s Young Dream’. But when Ella meets the gorgeous Johnny Cooper, she realises just how much she has to lose. Ilana Fox has worked for a variety of national newspapers, including the Daily Mail and the Sun. She lives in London.

Fiction Cased July £7.99 304pp 216 x 135mm 978 1 4091 2284 5 Markets: World XUSA USA & Translation: PFD; Serial: Orion

Brenda Reid Heavenly's Child

A beautiful, atmospheric novel set in the heat of Crete. It is the late 1960s and after her strict English boarding school, Angel is delighted to be back on Crete, the island she loves, with her friend Chrissi. But when tragedy strikes Angel’s family, she and Chrissi run away together, heading for the communes in the north they’ve heard so much about. But when Angel falls in love, tragedy strikes a second time... Brenda Reid worked at the BBC before becoming Head of Drama at Anglia Television. She was also executive producer for Ballykissangel. She lives in Wales and Crete.

Historical Fiction Cased/TPB July £20.00/£12.99 388pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 1473 4/978 1 4091 1474 1 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: Orion 19