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When gardens suck, p24

‘It’s the nosey neighbour.’ (More neighbours on p43)

The surgeon’s art, p41


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14 Planet London Britain and its capital city are now totally unalike Neil O’Brien 15 Matthew Sweeney ‘A Pig in God’s Ear’: a poem 16 Murder in Chongqing The killing of Neil Heywood and the fall of Bo Xilai Jonathan Fenby 20 Sweden’s secret weapon

A successful, tax-cutting finance minister Fraser Nelson 22 Plucking heartstrings

Why I’m proud to be a banjo player Peter McKay 24 Please shut the gates

The case against the National Gardens Society Anne Wareham spring Books special 32 A.N. Wilson Seasons in the Sun, by Dominic Sandbrook 34 Andrew Taylor A Foreign Country, by Charles Cummings 35 Peter Blegvad Turing’s Cathedral, by George Dyson 36 William Waldegrave The Last Crusade, by Nigel Cliff 37 Peter Oborne Pakistan on the Brink, by Ahmed Rashid Keith Baxter Luck and Circumstance, by Michael Lindsay-Hogg 38 Fleur Adcock ‘Finding Elizabeth Rainbow’: a poem 39 Eugene Rogan Sandstorm, by Lindsey Hilsum 40 Kate Saunders Preface to An Academic Question, by Barbara Pym 41 Honor Clerk The Healing Presence of Art, by Richard Cork

42 Charles Allen The Naga Queen, by Vicky Thomas 43 Penelope Lively Cheek by Jowl, by Emily Cockayne James Walton Jubilee Lines, edited by Carol Ann Duffy

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