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Capital letters, p14

45 Cressida Connolly Skios, by Michael Frayn

Bookends Lewis Jones Arts 47 Michael Kennedy remembers the ‘unforgettable’

Kathleen Ferrier 48 Pop Marcus Berkmann 50 Exhibitions Keith Vaughan; Robin Ironside

Andrew Lambirth 51 Memories of Robin

Virginia Ironside 53 Opera Rigoletto; Verdi Requiem; Parsifal

Michael Tanner Theatre The King’s Speech;

A Warsaw Melody Lloyd Evans 55 Cinema The Cabin in the Woods

Deborah Ross 56 Radio Kate Chisholm 57Television James Delingpole Culture notes Peter Robins

Two sides of Robin Ironside, p50 & p51

Learning to love the banjo, p22


Life 61 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 63 Real life Melissa Kite 64The turf Robin Oakley 65 Bridge Susanna Gross

And finaly . . . 66 Chess Raymond Keene 67 Competition; Crossword 68Status anxiety Toby Young Dave Michael Heath 69 The Wiki ManRory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 70 Drink BruceAnderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

I now have 8,000 Twitter followers. I suppose if I tweeted in favour of boiling kittens, I could get a million Lynn Barber, p11

Gardens exist simply as inspiration for other gardens. It is as if the only reason we would read a novel is to take examples from it of what words we would use in our own Anne Wareham, p24

Mary Whitehouse and Margaret Thatcher are like the Norns in Wagner, themselves part of the destructive tale A.N. Wilson, p32


Matthew Sweeney, whose poem ‘A Pig in God’s Ear’ appears on p. 15, has a new collection, Horse Music, out from Bloodaxe early next year.

Jonathan Fenby, who writes on p. 16 about the death of Neil Heywood and the fall of Bo Xilai, has just published Tiger Head Snake Tails: China Today.

Eugene Rogan is a Fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford and author of The Arabs: A History. He reviews Lindsey Hilsum’s account of the fall of Gaddafi on p. 39.

the spectator | 14 april 2012 |

Charles Allen has recently published Ashoka: The Search for India’s Lost Emperor. On p. 42, he recalls Ursula Graham Bower, a woman who hated being compared to Lawrence of Arabia.

Penelope Lively’s many books include Family Album and How It All Began. On p. 43, she reviews a history of neighbours.