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>> CONTENTS November 2007

Issue No 311




COVER Eva Rothschild The Inside of Your Head 2007 detail

01 INTERVIEWS They don’t unpack Eva Rothschild interviewed by Ian Hunt 05 Another way to say it Siobháán Hapaska interviewed by Hester R Westley

11 FEATURES Fair or Foul Pryle Behrman argues that you don’t have to love art fairs to think they play a useful role

24 PROFILE Aileen Campbell Rosie Lesso


EXHIBITIONS Sympathy for the Devil Mark Harris 28 The Painting of Modern Life JJ Charlesworth 30 Lyons Biennial 2007 Christophe Gallois 31 Steve McQueen Rikke Hansen 32 Cornelia Parker David Barrett 33 James Ireland Eliza Williams 34 Paul Noble Adam E Mendelsohn 35 Gary Stevens Martin Herbert 36 Human Cargo Colin Glen 37 Freee: How to Make a Difference Paul O’Neill

39 Iceland David Briers 40 ARTISTS’ BOOKS Frances Stark Miles Champion 41 BOOKS Art After Conceptual Art Mike Sperlinger 42 VIDEO Tank TV Pil and Galia Kollectiv 43 FILM David Lamelas Andrew Hunt

45 ARTLAW Büüchel v Mass MoCA Henry Lydiate



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